Summer Jobs for 2015

College and high school students wanting to work during the summer of 2015 should consider their job options far in advance. There are particular job categories that screen employees several months before summer arrives. Students should start to collect their vital information to write a professional resume as soon as possible to avoid competition for jobs at the last minute. The highest paying jobs with excellent benefits are the most competitive with literally hundreds of qualified applicants for each position. For unskilled or entry-level positions, an employer may receive thousands of applications from high school and college students.

One: Camping Careers

Jobs in the camping industry have always been popular with students because the jobs typically include housing. Many students want to live away from home throughout the summer months to enjoy their independence. Overnight and day camps want to hire young adults or teenagers who are physically strong enough to take care of campers of a variety of ages. College and high school students interested in future careers as educators often like to add working at a camp on a resume to assist in finding future employment. Camps are looking for employees who know about a variety of outdoor sport activities such as swimming, boating and hiking.

Two: Restaurant Careers

Almost every high school or college student works in the restaurant industry at some point in time. During the summer of 2015, many restaurants need to hire additional employees because of increased business. Selecting a job in the restaurant industry offers perks such as free or low-cost meals, uniforms and flexible hours. Most restaurant managers are willing to work around a student’s other summertime activities such as going away with their parents on a vacation. Jobs in restaurants include working as waitstaff, preparing meals or cleaning tables. Students interesting in future careers as chefs or restaurant managers can learn a lot during the summer.

Three: Cinema Careers

Students interested in the entertainment industry can apply for jobs at movie theaters located at shopping malls and other locations. Because many individuals have the summer months off from work or school, they go to movies more often. Modern cinemas need employees who can multitask at a variety of jobs, including selling tickets, ushering or preparing snacks. With experience and great work ethics, a high school or college student can advance to an assistant management position. Students with an understanding of technology might want to work in the movie projection room.

Four: Theme Park Careers

Large theme parks located in year-round warm climates hire additional employees for the summer due to receiving more visitors. Jobs are available in a variety of areas, including wearing costumes, operating rides or performing maintenance tasks. There is also a wide assortment of jobs behind-the-scenes such as preparing meals in kitchens, working as maids in overnight lodging or transporting visitors from crowded parking lots to entranceways. It is not always necessary for a high school or college student to travel to a faraway location to work in a theme park because many are open only during the summer months in other areas of the United States.

Five: Retail Careers

Retail establishments also hire more employees in the summer due to having more customers. There are jobs available in different types of stores, including grocery, clothing and hardware. College and high school students with a specialized interest in technology can apply to work at stores that sell computers and software. Students with knowledge of literature might want to work at a bookstore instead. Stores need employees to operate cash registers, stock shelves and provide customer service. Employees proving themselves as dependable can often advance to more lucrative positions as nighttime or weekend managers.

Six: Business Careers

Large corporations often want to hire college and high school students as temporary employees during the summer. Full-time employees frequently take vacations throughout the summer, leaving offices short-staffed. This is an excellent opportunity for a student interested in accounting or business to network with more experienced workers in a real-life environment. These short-term jobs might include filing papers, typing documents or running errands but are a good way to determine if working in this career is the best plan. Businesses frequently begin looking for college educated interns many months in advance.

Begin Summer Job Hunting Months in Advance

High school and college students need to begin thinking about summer careers far in advance due to their busy schedules. Communicating with perspective employers can take weeks or months of back and forth emails or letters to provide appropriate documentation. Depending on the job location, students need to supply a well written application, professional resume or criminal background documents. Contacting teachers, professors and former employers for personal references is also helpful to secure a fantastic summer job for 2015.