Small Business Ideas for 2015

The last several years have seen some major changes in how businesses are run. It is easier than ever before for business owners to start their own companies. One of the best things about small businesses is that there are so many unique possibilities. Below are some of the best small business ideas for 2015 that you could tackle.

1. Mobile App Creation

Mobile apps are revolutionizing how we do things. If you’re lucky enough to create an app that blends in seamlessly with a social media platform, you will see excellent results. From music and video playback apps to financial apps that make shopping easier, there is a huge market out there. You need only take advantage of it to see results.

2. Alternative Energy Distribution

As energy costs rise, more homeowners are seeking green and other alternative energy sources. Distribution professionals benefit from making it easier for the average home or business owner to use solar, natural gas and other energy sources. Other prospects for startup owners who get into this business include providing services that allow homeowners to get “off the grid”. In either case, this is a solution to a common problem.

3. Independent Healthcare Consultants

There is a growing need for independent healthcare consultants in light of changes to healthcare laws and the increasing number of people who need healthcare. Consultants provide the data that hospitals and private health practices need to better manage their financial health. Consultants also help streamline the systems used to manage patient data.

4. Information Product Creators

small business ideas for 2015Everywhere you look, there are e-books, reports and other digital downloads. It’s even better when these products offer customers resell rights, increasing the buying chances. Write your own products in accordance with what you’re knowledgeable about for greater success. If enough people purchase your products, you will become known as an expert.

5. Virtual Assistant Services

Many companies have had to cut back on their staffing capabilities. Virtual assistants, who have secretarial, human resources, marketing and other experience can deliver these services to struggling businesses. Because they work from home, overhead costs are greatly reduced. This also saves companies the time and expense of looking for new full-time people.

6. Smartphone and Tablet Repair

It’s often hard for people to find anyone who is capable of repairing one of these devices. The amount that most retailers charge often makes the idea of repairing them discouraging. There is currently a lot of room for competition, as well as for service professionals who can do more basic tasks like troubleshooting. Many people are new to using mobile devices and appreciate the help being available. You can buy a smartphone repair kit online, as well as a guide on how to use it.

7. Translation Services

As the US population becomes more diverse, there is an increasing need for translators. All kinds of businesses from healthcare providers to lawyers may need to use translators when dealing with a patient or client who speaks a lesser-known language. Translators can also find satisfying translation work online, such as translating ad copy into Spanish and other languages.

8. Mobile Website Creator

Because of the number of mobile devices and operating systems out there, many companies don’t have mobile-friendly sites. It can take a lot of time to try to optimize a site for all browsers and operating systems. Companies appreciate the work of professionals who make this easier for them. This also helps companies greatly increase their customer base.

9. Food Trucks

We’ve all seen ice cream trucks making the rounds for years. An increasingly popular trend now is for trucks which serve typical lunch foods, like sandwiches and tacos, to go to their customers. This is also a popular option for owners who want to provide catering as an extra service and make things easier by visiting the location.

10. Trading Assistant

Many people prefer to dispose of unused items through online auction sites or other marketplaces. However, making what you’re selling stand out from the others can take some doing. Trading assistants have the selling skills to make this whole process much easier. Even a modest commission from each successful sale will quickly add up.

11. Freelance Writing

People with good writing skills will find there’s always a market for their expertise. The good thing about writing is that it can be done at home, on a flexible schedule. Write about a variety of subjects for clients, or specialize in certain areas for better pay. You can even consider add-ons that include press releases, social media mentions and submission to directories.

12. Compliance Auditing

Companies and their customers have high expectations. Outside auditors can make it easier to help determine whether company ideals and legal regulations are being met. Typically, compliance auditing companies hire independent contractors who visit client locations. Sometimes coupled with mystery shopping services, this is a solid business idea on its own.

13. Band Booking

An increasing number of independent artists are emerging. Because they don’t work with major record labels, they often need more exposure. While the Internet makes things easier, assistance with bookings helps these bands play for a much bigger audience. Booking agents help them get gigs and free up more of their time to devote to music.

14. Medical Transportation

There are growing numbers of seniors and disabled people who need rides to doctor’s appointments. Many live in areas with inadequate or less accessible public transportation. They may also require assistance getting to and from the vehicle to the office. The good thing about this option is that it might be paid for by Medicare or insurance companies.

15. Energy Auditing

Most homeowners feel a need to conserve energy, but might require some help. Energy auditors can help identify how energy is being wasted in the home and what to do about it. Many of the people who need this service that most are electric customers with limited incomes and high utility bills. They will appreciate knowing how to make changes without replacing their appliances.

Anyone who wants to start a small business will benefit from following these trends. They not only provide good ideas, but provide assurance that there will be a demand for them in coming years. These are opportunities that also require little to no travel. If you’re interested in seeing more business ideas for 2015, read this article.

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