Best Careers to Start in 2015

There are a lot of students preparing for the rest of their lives. However, many of them have no idea what they should do with the rest of their lives. It’s important to start a career that is going to remain steady and consistent for the foreseeable future. Here’s a list of some of the fastest growing jobs, making them the best choices for a career change in 2015.

1. Fitness Trainers

America suffers from an obesity epidemic. People are living longer and longer. The awareness and need for people skilled in helping others get in shape and remain that way has never been higher; with that in mind, fitness trainers are in a good place to begin. The number of jobs is expected to increase by 29.4% by 2018 alone.

2. Occupational Therapists

Going hand in hand with fitness trainers are occupational therapists. These men and women are responsible for helping people regain mobility and use of their bodies after accidents and sickness. Occupational therapists often help the elderly, and the aging baby boomer population will be needing them more and more now. The job outlook for occupational therapists is projected to increase by 29.8% by 2018.

3. Personal Finance Advisers

The national deficit is something often spoken of on the news, but it’s a personal problem for many people. The sheer amount of student and credit card debt that many people have is staggering; personal finance advisers help people gain control of their life financially, offering methods for budgeting and managing money so that people can pull themselves out of debt and make a better future for themselves. The number of personal finance advisers is expected to grow by 30.1% within the next three years, making it one of the top ten careers to be in right now.

4. Computer Software and Systems Engineers

The world is becoming an increasingly technological place. The fact that many people have Twitter on the refrigerator is testament to that. However, there’s a reason; technology makes life easier in almost every way. Computer software and systems engineers are the men and women responsible for developing and maintaining these systems. Companies are constantly in need of skilled individuals to help manage complex computer networks. In today’s world, knowledge of computers and technology will almost certain guarantee a career.

5. Pharmacy Technicians

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the great beasts of the world today. As more and more people require medication to function normally due to old age and disease, the demand for skilled pharmacists increase. Pharmacy technicians are responsible for filling prescriptions and providing the proper dosages to individuals. While a pharmacy technician is not as skilled as a pharmacist, the job provides a good stepping stone to a new career.

6. Home Care Aides

Due to the amount of the elderly population that is now having difficulty living at home alone, home care aides are becoming increasingly necessary. These men and women work and live, sometimes full time, with another person, assisting them in basic day to day tasks. Again, because of the baby boomer population, this career is flourishing, providing a steady paycheck and essential help to those who need it.

7. Translators

People are traveling more than ever before. As the world becomes interconnected because of the internet, the need for translators increases. Businesses are interacting with branches in other countries all the time, and someone skilled enough to translate fluently between disparate languages is in a position to provide an essential talent. The most common languages that need translation are Mandarin or Cantonese. There are also a number of government positions that a translator can apply for.

No matter what your skill set, these seven jobs are some of the fastest growing careers out there. Start training in one of these careers now and never again worry about whether or not your job will still be relevant in twenty years.

18 of the Best Jobs for 2015

When considering career options, individuals are now seeking jobs that offer stability and growth. The Bureau of Labor statistics frequently analyzes employment trends and job data. Their employment data is updated every two years, and it reflects the number of individuals employed throughout the United States. The data also provides a projected outlook as to the growth of each employment profession. The following employment professions have a higher than normal projected growth rate and are considered some of the best jobs for 2015, based on salary, flexibility, and job security.

1. Biomedical Engineers

The field of biomedical engineering is expected to increase by 27% within the next few years. To work as a biomedical engineer at any level, one must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Median salary is $93,960 annually. The huge demand of this profession is largely due to a large aging population requiring advanced medical equipment and devices.

2. Network Systems Analysts and Data Communications Analysts

Although some network systems analysts and data communication analysts only have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree is usually required for either job. Most employers usually require its applicants to have relevant work experience. This profession will continue to grow as this technological era continues to expand. More individuals will be needed to evaluate the efficiency of existing networking systems and implement new systems. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 25% increase within the next few years. The average salary for a network systems analyst and data communication analyst is $76,560 annually.

3. Financial Analysts

18 best jobs 2015The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for financial analyst to increase by 16% within the next few years. To work as a financial analysts, one must have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Because the financial industry is growing in size and complexity, so has the demand for this profession, particularly for mutual funds. The median salary for a financial analysts is about $76,950 annually.

4. Medical Scientists

The field of Medical scientists are expected to increase about 13% within the next few years. A PhD in biological sciences is usually required for the research of basic life processes and specific medical problems. The profession of medical scientists have increased rapidly since the 1980s which is largely due to the growth of the biotechnology industry. The median salary for a medical scientists is $76,980 annually.

5. Physician’s Assistant

The median salary for a physician assistant is $90,930 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is expected to increase by 38% by 2022. A physician assistant program usually consists of two years of full-time studies. Most of these programs are at medical schools, four-year colleges, or academic health centers. Physicians and medical institutions are projected to employ additional physician assistants to provide patient care along with assisting in surgical procedures.

6. Biochemists and Biophysicists

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report an expected growth rate of 19% by 2022. Median salary for a biochemist is $81,480 annually. For independent research, a PhD is usually required. A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree may be sufficient in some occupations of product development, inspection, applied research, and management. The profession of biological sciences has rapidly grown over the last few years, which is largely due to the biotechnology industry.

7. Athletics Trainer

The median salary for an athletics trainer is $42,690 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth rate of about 19% within the next few years. A bachelor’s degree is normally required for all athletic trainer jobs. Some states also require an athletic trainer to be registered or licensed. Employment prospects are good in high schools and the healthcare industry.

8. Dental Hygienist

The median salary for a dental hygienist is $70,210 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth rate of 33% within the next few years. Dental hygienist are required to obtain a state license, and a degree is usually required from a dental hygiene school. This field will continue to grow as the older population grows. As the older population is now retaining more of their teeth, emphasis is now focused on preventive dental methods.

9. Veterinary Technologists and Assistant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual salary for a veterinary technologist and assistant is $30,290 per year. The projected growth rate is 30% within the next few years. Most veterinary technicians have an associates degree. These degrees are normally acquired from an educational program that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. All states require certification upon completion of the program.

10. Dental Assistant

The median annual salary for dental assistant is $34,500 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate an annual growth rate of 25% within the next few years. Many states do not have any formal educational requirement for this profession. However, many dentists prefer to hire an assistant who has completed a dental assistant program.

11. Computer Applications Software Engineers

The median annual salary for a computer application software engineer is $85,030. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predict an annual growth rate of 22% within the next few years. Individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in a computer related feel and have some practical experience are the most likely candidates. The demand for computer application engineers will continue to grow as computer networking grows.

12. Physical Therapist Assistant

The median annual salary for a physical therapist assistant is $39,430 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate a growth rate of about 41% within the next few years. Physical therapist assistants are required to complete a two-year program, combining academic studies along with clinical hands on experience. After completion of the the physical therapist program, graduates must establish accreditation with the American Physical Therapy Association. Job opportunities should increase in skilled nursing, orthopedic, and acute hospital settings.

13. Veterinarians

The median annual salary for a veterinarian is $84,460 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate job growth at 12% within the next few years. Veterinarians are required to complete a four year post-graduate program and receive a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine. Admission to a veterinary school can be very competitive. Prior to practicing, all veterinarians are required to obtain a state license. The job outlook appears to be good due to pet owners requesting nontraditional services, like dental care. Advancements in this field now offers medical services that were traditionally reserved for humans, such as blood transfusions, cancer treatment, and hip replacement.

14. Self Enrichment Education Teachers

The annual median salary for this position is $40,680. These teachers instruct courses that are not normally part of an occupational objective or degree seeking program. The training and educational requirements vary depending upon the desired skill.

15. Compliance Officers

The median annual salary of a compliance officer is $64,340. Educational requirement varies depending upon the skill required (ie. claims officer or loan officer). The purpose of this position is to evaluate, investigate, or examine conformity with existing regulations or laws. Projected job growth is about 20%.

16. Environmental Engineers

The median annual salary for an environmental engineer is $80,890 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate a projected job growth of 15% within the next few years. For all entry-level engineering positions, a bachelors degree in engineering is usually required. College graduates who have a bachelors in one of the natural sciences or mathematics may meet the qualifications for some positions. The increased job growth in this field is largely due to an overwhelming emphasis to prevent various environmental problems.

17. Physical Therapists

The median annual salary for a physical therapists is $79,860. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a job outlook of 36%, which is extremely high. This profession is in great demand and will continue to be in great demand for years to come. A graduate degree along with state licensing is required to hold this position. Physical therapy restriction changes regarding reimbursement allows patients to access services that were traditionally unreimbursed.

18. Personal Finance Advisor

Median salary for a personal finance adviser is $67,520. The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates job growth at 27% within the next few years. To work as a financial adviser, an individual must have a bachelor’s degree. This field requires frequent training to remain abreast of changes taking place within the industry. The millions of baby boomers expected to retire are major contributors to the growth of this field.

These jobs highlights some of the best job opportunities that exist in 2015, each offering a substantial amount of security along with the flexibility to establish employment regardless of an individual’s geographic location. Most individuals within these professions find their jobs exciting and financially rewarding in comparison to other industries. Although most of the jobs require some level of formal education, many of these job holders do not regret the financial investment that was made to better their lives.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Best Credit Cards for 2015

Credit card holders based in the United States will experience a few changes in 2015 when they use their cards for making purchases. When they shop, they will be required to insert their credit cards into a reader that will retrieve payment information through a microchip inserted into the card. This replaces the swipe and sign system that the U.S., one of the last countries still using this POS transaction method, that is currently common. The days of swiping a card and awkwardly using a stylus of a fingernail to make a digital signature are almost gone.

For the moment, consumers who still choose to sign will still have that option. Their other choice is to punch in a pin number that they have added to their cards. Analysts believe the hesitance that retailers have shown in switching to the microchip processing system has been the central cause of many cases of large scale hacking and fraud that have occurred in recent times. National retailers now have until October 2015 to make the transition. Those who do not switch, but be held responsible for damages shoppers experience due to any kind of fraud. This could become very costly for medium sized and small businesses, which do not have receivables that match retail giants.

The new payment system is known as EMV, or Europay, Mastercard and Visa. The EMVCo company, established in 1999, help set the global standards for secure payments through the pin-and-Chip system. Other countries like Canada, the UK and Australia have already made the switch. The the U.S. now embraces for this huge change, it may be a good time for shoppers to reevaluate the cards they use to do their spending. Here are the best cards that serve different purposes for consumers.

Below you’ll find a summary of some of the best credit cards to apply for in 2015. If you are interested in reading a more in depth guide to this subject, be sure to check out 2015 Credit Guide.

Balance Transfer

best credit card for 2015If you have excellent credit, the Discover it card is one of the best choices for balance transfers. For 18 months, the card offers a 0 percent annual rate on the balance that you transfer. It also gives you the same 0 percent interest on purchases that you make in the first six months. There are no fees for going over your credit limit, no foreign transaction fees, and they even waive the late penalty for your first late payment.

One feature of this card that may be a large point of consideration for many cardholders is the fact that the customer service unit is entirely based in the U.S. So they can count on fewer language barriers and less confusion when they make a customer service call about their accounts.

Although this card gives the best options of most others on the market, there are a couple of things the newly approved cardholder should know. First, after 18 months, the APR will be variable between 10.99 and 22.99 percent. Those who are consolidating several cards into one account should also be aware that there is a 3 percent charge for each balance transfer.

Cash Back

The Discover it card is also one of the best for cash back. Those who do regular spending for the same monthly functions should opt for the Discover it Chrome card. This card offers 2 percent cash back on all that the cardholder spends in dining out and fuel every quarter. They already offer 1 percent cash back on all other purchases and 5 to 20 percent back when cardholders shop online at more than 200 different online merchant shops.

Like its sister card, the Discover it, the Discover it Chrome card has a 0 percent APR, but for 14 months instead of 18. There are also no foreign transaction fees. There is one drawback to having the Discover it Chrome card: some merchants will not accept this as a form of payment. Cardholders should always ask ahead of time to be sure they can use their card for purchases.

New Purchases

If you are newly approved for a BankAmericard Visa Card, you will have 15 months to enjoy a 0 percent interest shopping period. This can be extremely important for those who apply for the card simply because they have a good reason to make new purchases. One of the reasons this particular card is so attractive is because it places so few restrictions on how to use rewards points, and it is very flexible on the spending choices that can actually give you rewards. You get cash back with every single purchase, and you can choose to have the cash deposited into your Bank of America checking or savings account.

For those who have great credit and like to pay bills on time, there is an even greater incentive for getting this card. Paying more than the minimum balance on time each month will earn $25 per quarter in cash rewards. That adds up to $100 a year just for staying proactive and responsible.


According to industry reports, rewards perks are the largest drivers that help consumers determine which credit card in their wallet gets the most usage. Shoppers can accumulate rewards points based on things that they already do on a regular basis: traveling, eating out at restaurants, buying gift cards or digital content like music and purchasing other merchandise. Shoppers look for cards that are easy to use and that give them real value on their returns.

The Chase Freedom Sapphire card earns a top spot for the most versatile rewards. Users get 40,000 rewards points if they spend at least $3,000 in the first three months after they are approved for the card. This many points could mean about $500 in travel dollars for the card holder. If they add an authorized user, they get another 5,000 points. Dining and traveling can make them double their existing points. In the first year of the rewards program, there is no fee. After the first, the fee is only $95 annually. This card already has the pin-and-Chip system in place, so there are no transaction fees for those who do international travel.


The best credit cards for students can be divided into two categories: the best for those with great credit, and the best for those with either limited or bad credit. One of the best for great credit is the Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One. It offers a 1 percent cash back reward on every purchase, and a 25 percent bonus every time the cardholder makes his monthly payment on time. There is fraud coverage if the card is lost or stolen, and there is no limit on cash back rewards. This is the perfect way for those with good credit to continue building an excellent track record while they are still in school. After 5 months of responsible paying, students can even get an increased credit line. The one drawback for this card is a high APR. There are no introductory APR promotions, so students will have to pay a 19.8 percent variable rate on their balance. There is a penalty APR of 29.4 percent and a cash withdrawal APR of 19.8 percent.

The best limited or bad credit card for students is the Keybank College Rewards card. It gives 1 point for every dollar spent on purchases, and cardholders get 1,000 rewards points automatically after their first use. This is an excellent way for those with damaged credit to rebuild.

High-risk Cardholders

Shoppers with bad credit can automatically expect to pay a much higher interest rate than those with good credit scores. The Capital One Secured Mastercard offers high risk cardholders a chance to rebuild their credit with a 22.9 percent variable APR and a $29 annual fee. Users are required to make a security deposit to open the account. However, if they build a history of timely payment, they can be approved for a credit line. This card company reports to the three credit agencies and responsible use of this cards can help improve a credit score.


The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard offers the best flate rate for travelers who need to frequently make ticket purchases. In addition, the card can be used for hotels and car rentals. The reason this card has become so popular is its impressive signup bonus of 40,000 reward points with at least $3,000 spending in the first 90 days after the account is activated. That’s about $400 towards travel. Users get 2.2 percent rewards on every dollar if they use the rewards as credits on their monthly statements. There are no foreign transaction fees, but there is an $89 annual fee, which is waived in the first year.

Unique Business Ideas for 2015

Tired of living by the clock? Looking to punch out permanently? It takes a certain amount of courage to give up the grind and start your own business, but if you plan carefully and fill a niche, you could be seeing a profit by mid-2015. Here are just a few unique ways to become your own boss in the new year.

Tablet Technology Specialist

According to research by the International Data Corporation (IDC), 48 percent of households will own a tablet by the end of 2014, and the sheer number of tablets shipped and sold will outstrip all laptops and desktop computers by 2015. The industry is ripe with new users but decidedly lacking in tech support, and this is where you can make your mark. By offering tablet-specific sales and repairs, you’ll keep up with a changing market and beat the competition to the punch.

YouTube Agent

It may be home to everything from yawning kittens to cooking guides, but the real money is in YouTube personalities. These home-made celebrities can earn up to $7 million a year through their videos, advertisements and endorsements, and if you position yourself on the ground floor with a rising star, you can enjoy a real piece of the pie. Make it your mission to research and analyze how these viral favorites become successful. Then repeat the formula with someone else who has star potential.

Debt Collecting

In a troubled economy, even the debtors are looking to outsource jobs. You can now accept “bad debt” lists from a wide number of collection agencies who will offer you a cut of the money if the loan gets repaid. Best of all, you can get started with nothing more than a phone, a script and a tolerance for people hanging up in your face.

Helmet Design

More and more cyclists are taking to the streets as eco-friendliness and green living reaches an all-time high, but these happy statistics are soured by the fact that helmet safety has come under severe scrutiny in recent years. Critics are saying that most modern helmets are only designed for minor scrapes and falls, not the kind of serious crashes that come from high-impact accidents in the middle of heavy traffic. The entrepreneur who steps in and designs a safe, affordable and effective helmet will become a very rich man indeed.

No-Touch Technology

Touchscreens used to be so cutting-edge that they seemed like something out of science fiction. That time has passed, however, and now zero-touch displays are all the rage. From the voice activation of Google Glass to the facial recognition of Uniqul’s customer checkout kiosks, the future is clearly in software that requires no handling whatsoever. If you’re talented and tech-savvy, it’s time to throw your weight behind the gadgets of the 21st century.

Web Design

As more businesses take to the web to market their brands, there’s a real demand for designers who know what they’re doing when it comes to layouts, logo creation and color psychology. You won’t even need any kind of degree or advertising accreditation to find work. If you can code, you can find a job. Start with blogs and local businesses and work your way up to professional, high-paying corporations.


The “No Child Left Behind” Act forced teachers and administrators to meet certain academic standards or risk the loss of their funding. The resulting panic saw a great leap in business for tutors, teaching assistants and other unofficial educators. No public school system can afford budget cuts, so the administrators are doing whatever is necessary to ensure the success of their students, even if that success comes from non-traditional means. If you’re any good with math, science or reading, now is the time to market your skills.

Senior Care Services

According to the U.S. Health Rankings Senior Report, the country is currently undergoing a “tremendous demographic shift” as the population continues to age. Baby Boomers are now 65 or older; an increasing number of the elderly are seeking personal care assistants (PCAs) for assisted living. For the person with the right kind of training, this is easily one of the fastest-growing niches in the healthcare market.

3D Printing

Once considered a frivolous indulgence, 3D printing underwent a massive re-branding in 2013 as businesses discovered just how useful and money-saving they could be. 3D printers can now be found in company suites and home offices worldwide, and the demand is only growing as word continues to spread. Don’t be afraid to tap into the market through either designing or investing in these futuristic but functional devices.

How to Start a Business in 2015

Starting a business may seem like the pathway to financial freedom. However, there is much more to starting a business than you might imagine. Before you can begin the mechanics of opening your very own business, there are a few things to consider. The very first task that you need to accomplish is to find the money to cover your start-up costs. No matter what type of business you want to start, you will need enough money to cover beginning operating expenses. If you are opening a service industry business, you will not need to purchase any inventory; however, there are other expenses that are necessary. For instance, a simple example is the cost of opening a sole proprietorship.

Start-up Costs

A sole proprietorship is a business that is owned and operated by one person and it is the simplest to open. The startup costs are less than other types of business ownership, although the funding may be more difficult. Often, banks and other lenders are unwilling to lend large sums of money to untested businesses without collateral and suppliers do not usually extend credit until after the business has been established. It is easier to borrow from close friends and family in this case. Some of costs associated with a start-up are state and county licenses, advertising, leasing or renting a facility, supplies, and utilities. The costs vary with the type of business and it can cost as little as $210 and take about 4 days to get set up. At the very least, you will need to register the name of your business, apply for a tax identification number and, if you plan on having employees, set up unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance.


The next step would be to get the word out. You may have started a business in a common industry, but you must have a something the others do not. It could be exceptional service, filling a need that others may have not noticed or providing more for the same amount of money that other businesses charge. No matter what it may be, potential clients need to know. Be very creative in your advertising, but do advertise. With all the traffic on the internet, you don’t need a large advertising budget. Many avenues of advertising are free or inexpensive. If you have a computer and a printer, you can make your own flyers. Using a power point application can help immensely. Don’t waste money on having a printing shop make them, it is not cost effective. You can also save money by doing your own legwork. Also, you must have business cards printed. In this case, it will probably cost less to use an online printing company than to make your own. If you are not ready to build a website, than use Facebook as your advertising media. Many small businesses fail in the first couple of years because their bottom line bottoms out. Wait until you have steady revenue before you spend too much in the beginning.


When you are just starting out, be willing to do much of the work yourself. No one knows as much about your business as you do. Keep your own records and do your own bookkeeping. Accounting can get complicated, but until you have your business established, it is reasonably straightforward. If you need to, you can find a couple of simple classes or articles about accounting to get you started and many online classes are free. Make sure that you keep all your receipts and use log books. When you are ready to turn the accounting tasks over to someone else, ensure that you have trust in this person and implement internal controls. Keeping accurate books is the lifeblood of your company. You will need to know how much you are spending in order to keep revenue flowing.

There is an inherent risk in owning your own business as two out three businesses close in the first six years. You can beat these odds by being present and paying attention. Establish a rapport with your clients and your employees. Stay on top of vendors and suppliers and educate yourself about your small business tax liability. If you delegate responsibilities too soon, you have less control over the outcome. Allow your business to grow and mature before you take an executive role.

Business Trends in 2015

In 2015, the business sector will see a greater convergence of enterprise and marketplace by way of collaboration. Knowledge engineering and new leadership approaches will be at the forefront of trends in business intelligence and human capital. Customer equity models are part of the business intelligence scheme as well. The capture and analysis of data repositories establishes an aggregate composite about the use, desires, wants and needs of consumer behavior.

Consumer Market Trends

The global consumer market will demand niche segment products and services in a way never seen before in 2015. The biggest consumer economies of scale with a dense number of new innovations demanding new intelligence assets will be in the electronics and biotechnology markets.

Growing market demand for technological development in response to rising income levels in emerging markets will create channel marketing challenges for companies seeking market entry in those countries. Companies will be up against stiff competition by national manufacturers and service providers, as well as substitute products.

Finance models will also be undergoing change in 2015. The constraints placed on traditional bank institutions since the global financial crises of 2008, and subsequent regulatory reforms of those commercial entities, has placed new focus on industrial loan companies (ILC) by parent organizations seeking fewer restrictions on consumer finance in exchange for retail business.

Subsidiaries formed as ILC are especially important for companies seeking foreign market entry in emerging markets. Bound by fewer regulatory rules than traditional financial institutions, ILC are predictable as part of the wave of interest in consumer credit in countries like China and India.

Trends in Strategic Sustainability

Critical to the mission and vision of enterprise is the capacity of the organization to shape its knowledge fields along the lines of profitable values. Trends in business coincide with consumer market, technological innovations, and the competitive advantage associated with lean and agile strategies for growth.

Social responsibility campaigns are part of this operations focus; integrating environmental, community, marketplace, and stakeholder assets in one strategy. While investors continue to be the priority relationship in reporting of social responsibility benchmarks, the cost-efficiencies afforded organizations with well-developed ethics and risk management programs, not to mention charitable contribution have lasting results on sustainable growth.

The capacity of an organization to interpret key trends that will affect enterprise survival in 2015, will have an impact on how disruptions in systems of productivity are managed. Companies engaged in capacity building amid a sea of change, embrace new developments found in electronic exchanges, security updates, and shifting investor and consumer demand.

The value of talent in recruitment models will continue to affect the outlook for companies relying extensively on human capital this year. Make or break decisions about intelligence offered by one candidate over another will reinforce educational background and continued training in support of the knowledge base in ‘learning’ organizations. Finally, new forms of leadership are on the horizon. The near future is open to visionaries that have the right industry and regulatory knowledge to make and execute decisions that will result in profitability.

Trends in New Enterprise Technologies

Now that business and technology have merged as one, systems approaches to operations are the singular most influential basis to business communications. If companies integrated out-of-the-box virtual solutions into IT administration in the past several years, the import of new technology-enabled products and services to further growth of customer contact, categories of on-demand services, and choices, and user engagement with new intuitive interfaces will drive business in 2015.

Management of technology is predicted to create the highest yield market opportunities for companies in the next phase. Real-time agility is the key to increasing the proficiency of enterprise systems used in an operational capacity. Shaping customer relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction through the use of technology innovation will be business-critical for every enterprise.

Businesses will also look for measures of enhancing social impact of leading-edge technologies. Employee training activities will be required to keep pace with the introduction of new leading-edge technology solutions that are about to become staples in business strategy. Outsourcing of IT administration is also likely to continue as a lead service industry model in 2015. More regulation of information systems infrastructure across jurisidictions is expected by next year.

New Business Ideas for 2015

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong and that means that there will be a lot of people looking to start businesses in 2015. Thanks to changes in the business world and advances in technology, there are new business opportunities opening up on a regular basis. Find your niche and start generating income with your new and successful business in 2015.


The emphasis on preserving the environment and green living has never been stronger and 2015 promises to be a great year to start up a recycling business. You can specialize in metal recycling, or you can follow technology and start up a company that offers computer, television, and smartphone recycling services.

Business Consulting

The significant rise in small businesses has created a need for business experts. If you have the right background and experience, then you could start your own business consulting service and help new entrepreneurs to find success.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

There are several industries that have been developed thanks to the rise of the new entrepreneur, and the virtual administrative assistant is one of those fields. All you need is an Internet connection and a phone and you can market yourself to overworked small business owners as a freelance administrative assistant who can help entrepreneurs to run their businesses at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee.

Healthcare Data Consultant

The “baby boomers” are retiring and government regulation is becoming stricter for the healthcare industry. You can help healthcare companies to transfer their paper files to a digital format, which is required by new federal laws, and then help implement new data policies for your clients to assist in collecting data in the future.

Mobile Food Services

If you work in a city or other commercial area, then you may have noticed an increase in the number of mobile food service companies. There are communities around the country that are offering financial assistance to entrepreneurs looking to put food trucks out into the community. You could start with one food truck and then grow into an entire fleet that could corner the lunch market in your area.

Translation Services

The Internet has helped to make business more accessible for people all over the world, and it has also helped to bring customers and vendors together that are separated by thousands of miles. But there is a language gap that needs to be filled and there is a growing number of companies hiring translators to help make international commerce easier.

Vending Machines

Every few years it seems like owning a vending machine business is a bad idea. But the past few years have seen a marked increase in vending machine revenue that is hard to ignore. Movie rentals, health foods, and mobile phone accessories have become extremely popular sellers for vending machine owners and it is a business you will want to consider for 2015.


When technology started to really take off, the general feeling was that people would have more time to do the things they wanted to do. But the reality is that people spend more time working now than ever before. That leaves less time to fix the gutters, clean the windows, and clear out the garage. That is why there has been a growth in the number of handyman and contracting businesses in your area, and it is something you should look into for 2015.

Business Auditing

Business auditing services can include employee appraisals or energy audits for office locations. With profits getting tighter, companies are looking for as many ways as possible to save money. That is why there has been a strong demand for business auditing services that will continue to grow into 2015.

Corporate Events Planners

There is a great deal of competition in just about every industry in the corporate world and companies are always looking for ways to stand out. The need to separate from the competition has created a need for more talented corporate events planners. Many companies are even hiring corporate events planners to develop ways to draw more foot traffic to their trade show booths. It is a growing industry that you need to become a part of in 2015.

Mobile Computing Sales

The demand for mobile computing devices is growing rapidly, and manufacturers cannot keep up. That is why there has been a significant increase in the number of authorized dealers for the latest smartphones and tablets. If you are looking for a retail business that will start off strong and grow quickly, then get involved in mobile computing sales.

In 2015, there will be a significant number of business opportunities for entrepreneurs to choose from. The key is to find the business that appeals to you the most and get started right away.

Online Business Ideas for 2015

As 2015 gets closer, many entrepreneurs are considering different ways to generate incomes. The Internet has offered a variety of options for people to explore and there are plenty of online services that make starting your next online business a little easier. If you are looking for the perfect idea for your 2015 online business, then consider these options. The technology sector is growing rapidly and starting an online business in 2015 will allow you to be part of that growth.

Selling Online Content

The Internet continues to expand and a significant number of websites get added online every year. Online technology watchdog Netcraft estimates that there will be two billion websites active by 2015. All of those websites will need content, and that is where you come in.

There are plenty of resources online that will help you to understand what kind of online content websites need to attract traffic and generate an income. Learn from those resources and then hire writers to create the content these websites will need. The entire business can be run online and you will have billions of potential clients to choose from.

Online Retail Website

online business ideas for 2015It used to be that starting your own online retail website was a complicated process that required you to have expertise in several areas of finance and web development. But with the online tools that are now available, you can start your online store in 2015 and offer all of the secure services that your clients will be looking for.

You can find product by utilizing the online auction websites, or you can buy from wholesalers and sell online. You will have the option of choosing to do your own shipping, or having your drop-shipper do the shipping for you. It is a business that can all be managed online and from your home.

Online Business Training

In 2015, more businesses will start to turn to online training companies to get their employees the training they need instead of sending employees to brick and mortar training locations. With the video conferencing and interactive document tools that are available online, you can start a corporate training business that will make you money and save money for your corporate clients.

Freelance Work

Are you a website designer or graphic artist that is looking for the ideal business of your own? There has been a corporate trend towards hiring freelance professionals as opposed to investing in more staffing, and you can take advantage of that trend in 2015 by starting your own freelancing firm.

You can freelance out your services, or you can create a network of freelancers and offer their services to corporate clients. Tasks such as website management, accounting, payroll, collections, and human resources compliance can all be done online by freelance professionals. Offering those freelance services to the companies that need them can be your new, 2015 business.

Affiliate Marketing

As online commerce continues to grow, companies will need to expand their influence and reach more online consumers. Referral marketing is the process of becoming a representative of a company and then going out to find web traffic for that company. You could start a series of websites that get a significant amount of web traffic and then put banners for your clients up on those websites.

As more companies start to rely on the Internet for a significant portion of their income, and as the number of Internet-based companies grows, there is great opportunity in being able to refer clients to the companies that need them.

Mobile Application Development

The growth in Internet commerce and the significant rise in the number of mobile computing devices has created a strong demand for new mobile computing apps. Even if you cannot create apps, you can still create an app development business in 2015 that will make you a significant income.

You can outsource the actual app development to a professional organization and sell your services to companies that want apps to reach more mobile consumers. You would be responsible for marketing your business and maintaining client relationships. Your outsourced app development company will take care of the technical part of your business for you.

Online Tutoring

Are you an entrepreneur who has strong teaching skills? If so, then you will want to consider starting an online tutoring business in 2015. If you do not have any tutoring schools, then hire some independent contractor tutors and launch your business with confidence.

Children are doing homework and finding new information online. Parents of young children know that the best way to get their children to learn something new is to find it online. That is why online tutoring businesses are going to be extremely popular in 2015, and it is an industry that you should get involved with as soon as possible.

Medical Data Entry

The medical industry has been utilizing online billing services for years, but 2015 would be the ideal time to get involved with the medical data entry industry because of the new laws in effect right now. Medical organizations all over the country are moving their patient files and information to a digital format because of the new federal laws dealing with medical information confidentiality. In 2015, you will find success as a medical data entry expert who will help doctors and hospitals to put all of their scanned data into the proper database format.

The Internet has been steadily growing for many years. But in 2015, there will be a large number of opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of and develop their own online companies. If you follow the latest Internet trends, you will find a significant number of business needs in the wake of those trends. New age entrepreneurs need to keep a close eye on the needs of consumers and companies and then develop an online business that addresses those needs. In 2015, you could start an online business that could generate the kind of revenue you have always dreamed of.

Best Franchises for 2015

One of the best ways for those that are looking to own a business to invest is to buy into a franchising opportunity. It provides business owners that have all the knowledge and experience that comes with running a business an opportunity to be an owner without the process of starting the business and getting it off the ground. This may be an area where some owners are not as experienced and may not be as successful that could keep them from exhibiting their real strengths in business. Also, franchises are businesses that have been proven to be successful in their given market. This means that they will have a high likelihood of doing the same for the franchisee that purchases them. Those that are having a harder time procuring a business loan might have an easier time doing so if they are using it for a proven business model with a track record of success.

Buying into a franchise is a great way for a person to get their feet wet with regards to business ownership. There are many different options when it comes to franchise opportunities from retail stores to fast-food restaurants. Here are some franchises that are performing well right now that may be a great option for those that are looking to own a franchise in 2015. Some of them are stalwarts on the franchise scene that are predictable and some may be less thought of opportunities that are money makers.

• Subway – This is an obvious choice for franchisees. The sandwich company has been in the upper echelon of fast food companies for years. This may seem like a boring pick. But, the restaurant yields results for its owners. Sometimes the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” really rings true. This restaurant chain is one of the instances. Subway has built its brand on providing healthier fast food options and the current market is flocking towards that. Another reason that Subway is a great option is that it is relatively inexpensive to buy into the franchise and there a many different financing options available for those that are interested.

• Pak Mail – With the global business climate constantly changing logistics are an industry where there is money to be made. One of the most important aspects of logistics for a business is shipping and receiving. A Pak Mail franchise will capitalize on just that for its owner. The Colorado based company has been in business for 30 years so the there will be brand recognition when owning this company. The total investment to own a Pak Mail franchise is less that $200,000 making it a very viable option for franchisees. Those with shipping experience would be hard pressed to find a better franchise opportunity than Pak Mail in 2015.

• 7-Eleven – People in today’s marketplace want to get everything they can in one place. This is why convenience stores have always been a premium opportunity for business owners. It provides them with the ability to sell products at a slightly higher mark up because of the convenience involved in buying them. 7-Eleven has a made a resurgence in recent years. It has even climbed to the number 2 spot on the Entrepreneur Magazine’s fastest growing franchises in 2014. This makes it a very healthy option for business owners looking for a proven company to buy into.

• Great Clips – This is another company that capitalizes on the people’s desire for convenience. The company has provided quick hair cuts since 1982. Some of the ideal highlights of the company are the fact that they are open nights and weekends and require no appointment. This makes it very convenient for people to get a hair cut when they are working or on the go. This is why the company has been so successful. The company is always growing. Buying into this franchise is a great option in 2015.

• Liberty Tax Service – Liberty is another company that made Entrepreneur’s list of the fastest growing franchises in 2014. This company would be a great option for an accountant or someone with the experience in the financial industry to buy into. One drawback of the company may be that the revenue generated would be seasonal as the company will obviously be busier during tax season. There is also very little overhead associated with owning a company like this.

Any of these companies would be a great option when it comes to franchising opportunities in 2015. The key to buying into the right franchise opportunity is for individuals to buy a business that operates within a marketplace where they have experience and is not too much of a stretch for them financially when it comes to getting started. Franchising is a great opportunity because it provides business owners with a proven business model that has previous success. It always gives them brand recognition right out of the gate. It may come at a little higher cost when it comes to getting started. But the benefits far outweigh the cost when it comes to starting a franchise with the right company.

Home Based Business Ideas for 2015

With a home-based business, you can enjoy a solid income from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, you can set your own hours and not worry about the next round of corporate layoffs. While true, it’s also stressful to start a company as you will face competition and a host of government regulations. However, with these five home-based business ideas, you can enjoy a decent income and find plenty of willing customers.

Social media consultant: Busy entrepreneurs can’t sit on their social media sites and monitor activity all day. Not only that, an entrepreneur probably does not know the best way to communicate with his or her followers. To provide a helping hand, you should consider a business as a social media consultant. With this choice, you can help people run their campaigns and find customers. To start, you will want to build your own website and Facebook presence. Then, you need to reach out to local business owners who you feel will benefit from your service. Once you find clients, you will need to build their pages and find followers for them. After this, you will want to post frequent updates and communicate with visitors. When doing so, you will build their online presence and build a name for yourself.

Teach English: If you speak English as a native language, you can probably sell your talents online or meet people at local coffee shops. Whether you went to a university or not, you can find people who will pay you top-dollar to practice English as it’s an important language to learn. To start, you should build a website and try to find people on Craigslist or at a local language school. Then, you can set your wages and watch as people from all over the world come to you to practice their language skills. If you want, you can also set up a Skype account and watch as your business explodes since people from Asia, Europe and South America will love to practice and learn English. If you aren’t a fan of marketing, teaching English is an excellent way to earn a living as you can enjoy plenty of repeat business if you offer top-notch services to your students.

Website creator: If you know how to program, you can create websites and command top-dollar for your services. Of course, it helps if you also know how to write content that Google and the leading search engines will value highly. To take this further, you will also want to learn how to use WordPress as plenty of business owners use this CMS to run their sites. To start, you will want to contact local contractors or entrepreneurs who need a new website. Then, for the first few customers, offer to create an inexpensive site and ask for their opinion. Once you prove yourself and find a few clients, you can create an online presence via social media and your own site. Over time, you will find repeat clients if you offer solid services and excellent customer service.

Child care: While it’s not an easy business to start, if you run an in-home child care business, you will probably find willing parents who will relish some alone time. To start, you will need to contact your local government and verify that it’s possible to do so. Sadly, in some areas, you will run afoul of local government regulations. If it’s possible to run an in-home daycare center, you will want to incorporate and hire a part-time employee who possesses a solid education and child care background. Then, contact residents and tell them that you can watch their children. If you offer fun games and an educational atmosphere for the children, you will watch as you find plenty of parents who want to use your services.

Smartphone repair: People routinely drop their smartphones and watch as their screen shatters. While it’s possible to use a smartphone with a broken screen, people often want to fix this aggravating problem. Since the manufacturers will charge plenty of money to fix a screen, you can swoop in and exploit this situation. To start a phone repair business, you will want to buy all the necessary supplies and tools. Then, with a newspaper advertisement or Craigslist posting, you can attract people who want to fix their phone. Once you fix a few dozen, you probably won’t need to rely on advertising as satisfied customers will surely provide excellent reviews to their friends and family members.

While it’s difficult at first to come with a home-based business plan, with these five ideas, you can find something you enjoy. Not only that, with these five ideas, you won’t need to invest your life savings and you can start almost immediately.

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