Where to Invest in 2015

Assuming you have a considerable amount of money in your bank account, you may be thinking how to invest it with 2015 right around the corner. Contrary to what most people think, investing money isn’t as risky as it seems. As long as you consider all the potential outcomes and have the best available information, it’s very possible to tip the scales in your favor and achieve success.

2015 looks very auspicious in terms of the global economy overall, which means smart investors with a keen sense of passion to make money in the coming year are going to experience great success. The following investment ideas aren’t complicated or hard to understand so you can immediately get busy implementing them. However, be sure you carefully review each aspect and seek expert financial advice if you feel you need it before you sign on the proverbial dotted line.

Stock Market Investments

If the idea of investing in the stock market peaks your interest, you’ll need to actually study the market first. Even though the market itself is fairly easy to navigate, it doesn’t protect you from potentially losing your money. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand how it continually fluctuates and what causes those fluctuations. But, if you’re careful, it’s definitely possible to double your money in a relatively short amount of time.

Land Investments

Investing in land can be very lucrative, particularly if you’re smart enough to pick the right location. Look for key land plots that are ideal for property development. By doing so, it’s likely you’ll get multiple offers from major companies that want to build homes, commercial buildings, or other kinds of establishments. And, because you’re the owner of the deed, it’s up to you to set your best price for which you’ll sell it. On the other hand, your investment could be seen as a long term investment since you may not receive any offers for a very long time, even years, depending on the location of the land and who wants to buy it. But, the good news is the longer you wait to sell, the higher the profit you can potentially make from it.

Local Area Business Investments

More new businesses were launched in 2014 than the past five years, which indicates that many companies have a strong desire to invest. Assuming you have a substantial amount of cash to invest, choosing a local business to help increase their business could be a smart move on your part. How profitable does the business appear? By investing in solid new businesses, you stand a very good chance of enjoying very profitable returns. With our list of business ideas, you could even start your own!

Got an extra $5,000 cash? Here’s what you can do with it:

You’re backup emergency fund is covered, your debts are paid off, and you’ve manage to save an extra $5,000 cash that you looking to invest. Should you put it in an exchange-traded fund, index fund, certificate of deposit, or a mutual fund? Before you get too far ahead of yourself, carefully consider how much you’re willing to risk and the fundamentals of investing first.

First, ask yourself at what point you’ll need that money to spend. In other words, how long of an investment do you want to make? In general, investing money is indeed a long-term concept, which for most people means at least five years but very often more than ten.

In order to help you decide how to invest your extra cash, asking an experienced financial expert may be the best way to go. Financial experts often recommend options for both long and short term if you want to grow your investment to retire on later down the road.

1. Long Term Investment

Investors with a number of years to still invest in can afford to risk a greater return by investing their cash in the stock market. Mutual funds are a relatively easy way for investors to access a wider range of various stocks. However, if choosing certain stocks is difficult for you or makes you uneasy, you can relax. By choosing actively managed funds, your fund manager takes the load off by making all the financial decisions on your behalf, including which companies are set to grow or undervalued, and which sectors in the economy are the best to invest in. Keep in mind though that mutual funds incur fees; on average a 1.26 percent annual fee. Money experts advise against purchasing any mutual funds that have an expense ratio greater than 1 percent overall.

2. Short Term Investment

The ideal place to put your money in the event you need to access it quickly is a convenient online savings account. Overall, they offer the best returns compared to what most brick-and-mortar financial institutions offer. Currently, the returns are very comparable to a CD, minus the penalties for early withdrawal.

These ideas should give you a good starting point to think about in terms of investing a bit of extra cash in 2015. It’s important to remember to do your homework first and consult the experts on anything you don’t understand. Who knows? 2015 could financially be your best year ever.