Summer Jobs for 2015

College and high school students wanting to work during the summer of 2015 should consider their job options far in advance. There are particular job categories that screen employees several months before summer arrives. Students should start to collect their vital information to write a professional resume as soon as possible to avoid competition for jobs at the last minute. The highest paying jobs with excellent benefits are the most competitive with literally hundreds of qualified applicants for each position. For unskilled or entry-level positions, an employer may receive thousands of applications from high school and college students.

One: Camping Careers

Jobs in the camping industry have always been popular with students because the jobs typically include housing. Many students want to live away from home throughout the summer months to enjoy their independence. Overnight and day camps want to hire young adults or teenagers who are physically strong enough to take care of campers of a variety of ages. College and high school students interested in future careers as educators often like to add working at a camp on a resume to assist in finding future employment. Camps are looking for employees who know about a variety of outdoor sport activities such as swimming, boating and hiking.

Two: Restaurant Careers

Almost every high school or college student works in the restaurant industry at some point in time. During the summer of 2015, many restaurants need to hire additional employees because of increased business. Selecting a job in the restaurant industry offers perks such as free or low-cost meals, uniforms and flexible hours. Most restaurant managers are willing to work around a student’s other summertime activities such as going away with their parents on a vacation. Jobs in restaurants include working as waitstaff, preparing meals or cleaning tables. Students interesting in future careers as chefs or restaurant managers can learn a lot during the summer.

Three: Cinema Careers

Students interested in the entertainment industry can apply for jobs at movie theaters located at shopping malls and other locations. Because many individuals have the summer months off from work or school, they go to movies more often. Modern cinemas need employees who can multitask at a variety of jobs, including selling tickets, ushering or preparing snacks. With experience and great work ethics, a high school or college student can advance to an assistant management position. Students with an understanding of technology might want to work in the movie projection room.

Four: Theme Park Careers

Large theme parks located in year-round warm climates hire additional employees for the summer due to receiving more visitors. Jobs are available in a variety of areas, including wearing costumes, operating rides or performing maintenance tasks. There is also a wide assortment of jobs behind-the-scenes such as preparing meals in kitchens, working as maids in overnight lodging or transporting visitors from crowded parking lots to entranceways. It is not always necessary for a high school or college student to travel to a faraway location to work in a theme park because many are open only during the summer months in other areas of the United States.

Five: Retail Careers

Retail establishments also hire more employees in the summer due to having more customers. There are jobs available in different types of stores, including grocery, clothing and hardware. College and high school students with a specialized interest in technology can apply to work at stores that sell computers and software. Students with knowledge of literature might want to work at a bookstore instead. Stores need employees to operate cash registers, stock shelves and provide customer service. Employees proving themselves as dependable can often advance to more lucrative positions as nighttime or weekend managers.

Six: Business Careers

Large corporations often want to hire college and high school students as temporary employees during the summer. Full-time employees frequently take vacations throughout the summer, leaving offices short-staffed. This is an excellent opportunity for a student interested in accounting or business to network with more experienced workers in a real-life environment. These short-term jobs might include filing papers, typing documents or running errands but are a good way to determine if working in this career is the best plan. Businesses frequently begin looking for college educated interns many months in advance.

Begin Summer Job Hunting Months in Advance

High school and college students need to begin thinking about summer careers far in advance due to their busy schedules. Communicating with perspective employers can take weeks or months of back and forth emails or letters to provide appropriate documentation. Depending on the job location, students need to supply a well written application, professional resume or criminal background documents. Contacting teachers, professors and former employers for personal references is also helpful to secure a fantastic summer job for 2015.

Top Paying Jobs of 2015

If a change in career or picking a major is in the works, then consider one of these jobs on the top paying jobs in 2015. These aren’t fly by night jobs that pop up today and are gone tomorrow with changes in technology, but careers with longevity and best of all…paychecks.

#10 – Airline Pilot and Flight Engineers
Potential Salary: $120,000

Not only do you get to travel the country and the world, but the perks of this nomad of the skies includes free travel. But it takes money to make money and in this profession it also takes time. Making these big bucks requires a Bachelor’s degree in aviation, an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate and several hundred hours of pilot-in-command experience, as well as expensive and time-consuming specialized training in specific tools and devices and regular physical and mental testing. In the end it can take 10 years or longer before your bank account gets fat from the commercial airline industry.

#9 – Lawyer
Potential Salary: $130,000

Not the most popular folks in the world but absolutely necessary. You don’t have to be an ambulance chaser, though, so don’t worry. With more than half a million lawyers practicing general law, choosing a specialty like environmental law could be your calling. To attain this position requires a bachelor’s degree, three years of law school and to pass the bar exam.

#8 – Computer/Information Systems Manager
Potential Salary: $135,000

This just seems logical. With technology taking over our lives, being a person who can manage the crazy certainly does pay well. Not only do these guys find lost files but also implement a companies IT strategy. To reach this goal pick up a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science field and several years working in IT support.

#7 – Natural Sciences Manager
Potential Salary: $133,000

Split your time in between office work and the lab working in such fields as biology, physics and chemistry. Natural Sciences Managers who work with government or educational institutions make lower-than-expected wages for the positions. Where the bigmoney lies is within the insurance and aerospace industries. Go grab a bachelor’s degree in a field of science and start up your lab work to attain these positions.

#6 – Marketing Manager
Potential Salary: $133,000

Marketing Managers get the word out about their company’s products, study and analyze the competition and make decisions of the best course for communication in and out of the building. This is a field where a bachelor’s degree helps a lot but years of experience and a phenomenal portfolio can do the trick.

#5 – Architectural or Engineering Manager
Potential Salary: $137,000

If you like to build then head to school for a degree in architecture and engineering. Not only will you be directing, reviewing and approving projects and all changes; but manage project specifications and procedures. As one might expect, those who work in the oil and gas industry earn the highest wages and some of the top paid live in Alaska, Texas and California.

#4 – Petroleum Engineers
Potential Salary: $150,000

Widely regarded as one of the top paying jobs right out of college at $90,000, Petroleum Engineers plot the path of oil from inside the Earth all the way to your gas tank. This black gold means gold for your bank account. Many petroleum engineers hold bachelor’s degrees in petroleum engineering and work in coop programs during the completion of their degree.

#3 – Chief Executive Officer
Potential Salary: $180,000

CEOs call the shots in any number of sectors of the US economy. Simply, they’re the bosses. The best paid CEOs surprisingly work in the entertainment industry. For this position, a bachelors degree and even an MBA might help you but on the job experience and natural instinct is what earns these executives top salaries. And the bonuses…well…they might make that salary look like chump change.

#2 – Dentist or Orthodontist
Potential Salary: $195,000

Fixing your pearly whites certainly does pay the bills. While dentists make up the vast majority of the work industry, orthodontists are much more rare hints their higher salary. For your entry into this industry, the typical requirements are eight years of education and passing a written and hands-on exam.

#1 – Doctors or Surgeons
Potential Salary: $235,000

One might have guessed that this professional would end up somewhere on the list but perhaps not at #1. Among all of the varieties of doctors, anesthesiologists rake in the biggest bucks at $235,000. Surgeons, gynecologists and general practitioners aren’t far behind earning a mean wage of $177,000. But becoming a doctor takes as much time as any career out there — you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, a medical school degree and between three and eight years of working in residency. Hey, people’s lives are in your hands…they deserve a well trained doc.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market to switch careers or have a child who’s a little in the dark about picking a major, this list may help. There’s nothing like the lure of a few bucks to challenge students in math, science and critical thinking.

Jobs in Demand in 2015

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped below six percent for the first time since 2008 in September, but that number can be misleading, according to Louis Efron, a contributor at Forbes. Efron writes that underemployment is a more accurate measure of the nation’s economy as it takes into account those who are involuntarily working part-time as a result of cutbacks or because they couldn’t find full-time work. The underemployment rate is more than double that of the reported unemployment rate at 12.6 percent.

Despite these discouraging indicators, there are some jobs that will be in high demand in 2015. These jobs, while mostly in the programming industry, do include areas such as health care and aide, investment, and creative fields.

1. Data Analyst

Wanted Analytics took a look at five metro areas with the most online job postings. Those areas were Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington D.C. Of the five cities the most desired skill by listing employers was structured query language, which is a programming language designed to manage data. The skill was the most wanted in all of the cities except Los Angeles, where it was listed the second most in-demand skill. Expect jobs such as data analysts and database developers to be in high demand in 2015.

2. Registered Nurses

The number of jobs posted for this position last year was approximately 171,000. This year that number soared to 222,544, according to U.S. News. That’s more than a 30 percent increase. Expect a similarly high number in 2015.

3. Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides

Home health aides assist the elderly and disabled in completing everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, and cooking. The barriers to entry in this field are relatively low. Interested individuals looking to work with agencies that are funded by Medicaid and Medicare need only complete a training program. In addition, though the difference between a home aide and a personal care aide is the latter have added duties, such as cleaning and giving advice to families, personal care aides complete similar training to that of health aides.

4. Video Producer

Video is nearly ubiquitous, as it is beginning to take root not just on computers but on smartphones, tablets, commercial airplanes, and automobiles. There was a 5.6 percent increase in job listings for video producers from 2013 to 2014, and that number will likely grow as technology allows video to become ever more pervasive, requiring skilled video creators to continue producing.

5. Financial Examiners

All that’s needed to enter this field is a bachelor’s degree from a variety of areas: statistics, business, finance, or accounting. More opportunities for higher pay and promotion exist for those with an MBA in finance.

6. Physician Assistant

With the Affordable Care Act changing the way healthcare is provided, physician assistants will be more in-demand to ensure that healthcare offices run smoothly during this transition. A bachelor’s degree will help you get in the door, but you may be hired if you have related work experience plus an associate’s degree.

7. User Experience Designer

This position calls for designing websites so that they are more appealing and user-friendly for consumers. While designers do have to know some programming code, their task focuses more on the aesthetic side of website design.

8. Online Project Manager

As more companies are relying on telecommuting as a way to bring in talent regardless of its geographic location, online project manager positions figure to see a bump in demand in 2015. Online project managers ensure teams meet deadlines and are collaborating productively.

9. Athletic Trainers

Job opportunities come largely from schools and the health care industry, but there is also a growing demand for trainers in college and professional athletics. In most cases, a bachelor’s degree in athletic training is a requirement to gain a position in this field.

10. SEO Specialist

No surprise that this position makes the list. With more and more companies understanding that search-engine optimized content is a critical component of drawing consumers to websites, these specialists are seeing an increase in job opportunities. As long as web traffic is an important part in the economy — which it figures to be for a long time — SEO specialists will continue to find employers where there skills can be put to use. This position also saw a six percent increase in salary from last year.

11. Software Engineer

As opposed to data analysts and user experience designers, software engineers focus on mobile apps and cloud engineering. They are sought after in both the gaming and business industries as both are exceedingly moving online and onto mobile phones.

12. Portfolio Administrator

Portfolio administrators manage investors who work to maximize earnings for clients. As long as there is money, there will be a need for portfolio administrators.

Hot Jobs for 2015

There are many excellent jobs that you can pursue in 2015. While some industries have declined recently, many more are booming, providing some of the hottest jobs around. Here are some of them:


Historically speaking, there has never been another time in history where getting into the medical profession can be so profitable and lucrative. Individuals with aspirations to be a medical professional will see their industry grow exponentially over the next several years. Even registered nurses are more in demand than ever before. The baby boom generation is now coming of age. This means that senior citizens will be on the rise over the next decade. The need for qualified medical professionals will only continue to expand in the years to come. Although getting into medicine takes a very scientific mind, medical careers will continue to expand for the foreseeable future.


People are more health conscious and this translates to the job opportunities for people with physical training and personal training experience. Individuals who become a certified personal trainer will be able to work in conjunction with a local gym or rent out space for themselves to perform personal trading sessions. Individuals who have the certifications can charge their own hourly rate and schedule their own appointments. Becoming knowledgeable about natural healing methods may also benefit the next generation of personal trainers who will be expected to maintain a mind and body wellness awareness for the benefits of their clients.


Even in the current economy home building as well as business building is on the rise. Therefore, individuals who are interested in a more physically demanding job may want to get certifications in dry-walling and brick making. Construction is an ever involving seals and more knowledgeable construction workers are the easier it is for them to complete jobs efficiently and appropriately. Working in close quarters with a real estate agent can be helpful for construction workers who are looking to create long-term business relationships that allows them to become their own boss and maintain steady work as an independent contractor.


Individuals who are interested in having job security and are equipped with math skills may be interested in becoming a financial analyst. These individuals are able to help clients identify ways to improve their overall financial standing while providing counsel about how to get out of debt. Financial consultations on the rise due to the downturn in the economy which has taken place over the last decade. Having the ability to help people see how they can save money while enjoying their life is a valuable skill which pays a top salary. Working in conjunction with a financial institution is possible, or people can choose to go out on their own an offer consulting services through businesses or as a thriving business person.


The increase in technological gadgets has created a need for more applications to be developed. Therefore a person who is knowledgeable about the workings of the computer and the development of programs can create job security for themselves. Software development requires programming knowledge as well as the understanding of how to connect with the target audience properly. A very scientific and analytical mind is necessary to do well in this field. The development of applications or structures for larger programs is a lucrative jobs for people who are creatively gifted and statistics indicate the field will be growing for the next several years.


Individuals who was very corporately minded may want to explore becoming a business analyst. These individuals make sure that the business is running properly. They are able to see financial pitfalls before they happen. With more entrepreneurs opening businesses every year, efficiency experts are in demand. Being able to be objective is a necessary part of success in this field. A person with business analyst expertise can travel anywhere in the world and find work. The development of a fantastic ability to notice that the expansion of the business is possible is a valuable skill for any analysts. Regular evaluations provides regular opportunities for consistent work for qualified business analysts.


Education minded individuals will be glad to know that national projections for teaching jobs estimate growth and the need for teachers to continue for the next 10 years. Specialization in special education and learning disabilities is also recommended for individuals who are interested in making more money while continuing to serve the student population. With the increase in autism and other learning disabilities over the last five years, teachers with knowledge pertaining to how to help students with learning disabilities are in demand. The current curriculum at most colleges makes it possible for teachers to get jobs at any grade level with some continuing education courses. The increased number of private schools as well as charter schools also creates a greater need and opportunity for teachers who do not want to deal with the challenges of the public school system. The benefits for starting teachers may not be as lucrative as other options, however job security is attainable with a career in the teaching profession.

Job Outlook for 2015

With 2014 more than half over and 2015 looming large in the distance, it is time to take a look at what the job market is going to look like for the next year. As the country comes out of a recession, jobs are becoming increasingly common, though getting them can be a challenge. As time goes on, CNN Money notes that retraining seems to be the key. This means that for many people, there is nothing more positive and promising than returning to school or getting increased training for jobs that they already have. What are some of the important facts that are going to be shaping the job market in 2015?

For example, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is indicates that most of the professions that are going to experience the most growth are related to the health and wellness field. For example, the growth rate for personal care aids is listed at an impressive 49% percent over the next ten years, while home health care aides are set to grow nearly as much. Occupational therapists are also set to grow at a similar rate.

Some other professions that look promising for the 2015 year and the decade thereafter include that of mechanical insulation workers, helpers like bricklayers and tile setters, and, as the economy becomes more global and ever expansive, there is a great deal of work available for interpreters and translators.

Much is made of recession-industries, and even as the economy is recovering, these are field that should be addressed. Sales continues to be a thriving field, and though it requires a rarefied skill set that cannot necessarily be taught in school, the world has embraced many ways to encourage salespeople of all types. Online sales, sales conducted through programs like Skype and more have created a world that is very much geared towards creating great salesmanship opportunities.

For a time back in in the early aughts, there was a great deal of speculation that computer programming was the key. Then the next ten years saw a glut of computer professions and no jobs. However, the wheel has turned again, and CNN Money suggests that some of the most profitable and stable jobs over the next five years have everything to do with computers and their maintenance. Systems administration continues to be a lucrative field, and it makes a great deal of sense. As more and more companies realize that they cannot work without an online presence, the price they are willing to pay to keep that presence running smoothly is high.

Engineering jobs are also going to experience an upswing over the next few years as companies recover from their losses in the aughts and look towards expansion again. Engineering in general is going up in terms of job placement, but the four fields that are seeing the greatest job growth include chemical engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and civil engineers. Though all of these jobs require a four year degree, the projection is that the pay off for the adventerous person with an engineering bent is going to be worth it.

Various forms of therapeutic work are going to see moderate increases as well. The field of psychology, especially as it relates to corporate care and industry employment, is going to see an increase, as are counseling positions of all levels. It is important to remember that the independent positions are not growing; instead it is the therapeutic work that is associated with hospitals and other large organizations that are going to be seeing the upswing.

There is a more modest upswing that is set to go up in clerical opportunities. Increased size for many companies and businesses predicts an increase in the need for organizational and data entry positions, creating a level of clerical work that has been steadily emerging over the last few years.

When you are thinking about looking for a job in the modern economy, remember that you are looking in a job field that is rapidly expanding and becoming more than it once was. This is something that can make your job search much easier, so use the facts above to direct your quest!

Best Careers to Start in 2015

There are a lot of students preparing for the rest of their lives. However, many of them have no idea what they should do with the rest of their lives. It’s important to start a career that is going to remain steady and consistent for the foreseeable future. Here’s a list of some of the fastest growing jobs, making them the best choices for a career change in 2015.

1. Fitness Trainers

America suffers from an obesity epidemic. People are living longer and longer. The awareness and need for people skilled in helping others get in shape and remain that way has never been higher; with that in mind, fitness trainers are in a good place to begin. The number of jobs is expected to increase by 29.4% by 2018 alone.

2. Occupational Therapists

Going hand in hand with fitness trainers are occupational therapists. These men and women are responsible for helping people regain mobility and use of their bodies after accidents and sickness. Occupational therapists often help the elderly, and the aging baby boomer population will be needing them more and more now. The job outlook for occupational therapists is projected to increase by 29.8% by 2018.

3. Personal Finance Advisers

The national deficit is something often spoken of on the news, but it’s a personal problem for many people. The sheer amount of student and credit card debt that many people have is staggering; personal finance advisers help people gain control of their life financially, offering methods for budgeting and managing money so that people can pull themselves out of debt and make a better future for themselves. The number of personal finance advisers is expected to grow by 30.1% within the next three years, making it one of the top ten careers to be in right now.

4. Computer Software and Systems Engineers

The world is becoming an increasingly technological place. The fact that many people have Twitter on the refrigerator is testament to that. However, there’s a reason; technology makes life easier in almost every way. Computer software and systems engineers are the men and women responsible for developing and maintaining these systems. Companies are constantly in need of skilled individuals to help manage complex computer networks. In today’s world, knowledge of computers and technology will almost certain guarantee a career.

5. Pharmacy Technicians

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the great beasts of the world today. As more and more people require medication to function normally due to old age and disease, the demand for skilled pharmacists increase. Pharmacy technicians are responsible for filling prescriptions and providing the proper dosages to individuals. While a pharmacy technician is not as skilled as a pharmacist, the job provides a good stepping stone to a new career.

6. Home Care Aides

Due to the amount of the elderly population that is now having difficulty living at home alone, home care aides are becoming increasingly necessary. These men and women work and live, sometimes full time, with another person, assisting them in basic day to day tasks. Again, because of the baby boomer population, this career is flourishing, providing a steady paycheck and essential help to those who need it.

7. Translators

People are traveling more than ever before. As the world becomes interconnected because of the internet, the need for translators increases. Businesses are interacting with branches in other countries all the time, and someone skilled enough to translate fluently between disparate languages is in a position to provide an essential talent. The most common languages that need translation are Mandarin or Cantonese. There are also a number of government positions that a translator can apply for.

No matter what your skill set, these seven jobs are some of the fastest growing careers out there. Start training in one of these careers now and never again worry about whether or not your job will still be relevant in twenty years.

18 of the Best Jobs for 2015

When considering career options, individuals are now seeking jobs that offer stability and growth. The Bureau of Labor statistics frequently analyzes employment trends and job data. Their employment data is updated every two years, and it reflects the number of individuals employed throughout the United States. The data also provides a projected outlook as to the growth of each employment profession. The following employment professions have a higher than normal projected growth rate and are considered some of the best jobs for 2015, based on salary, flexibility, and job security.

1. Biomedical Engineers

The field of biomedical engineering is expected to increase by 27% within the next few years. To work as a biomedical engineer at any level, one must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Median salary is $93,960 annually. The huge demand of this profession is largely due to a large aging population requiring advanced medical equipment and devices.

2. Network Systems Analysts and Data Communications Analysts

Although some network systems analysts and data communication analysts only have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree is usually required for either job. Most employers usually require its applicants to have relevant work experience. This profession will continue to grow as this technological era continues to expand. More individuals will be needed to evaluate the efficiency of existing networking systems and implement new systems. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 25% increase within the next few years. The average salary for a network systems analyst and data communication analyst is $76,560 annually.

3. Financial Analysts

18 best jobs 2015The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for financial analyst to increase by 16% within the next few years. To work as a financial analysts, one must have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Because the financial industry is growing in size and complexity, so has the demand for this profession, particularly for mutual funds. The median salary for a financial analysts is about $76,950 annually.

4. Medical Scientists

The field of Medical scientists are expected to increase about 13% within the next few years. A PhD in biological sciences is usually required for the research of basic life processes and specific medical problems. The profession of medical scientists have increased rapidly since the 1980s which is largely due to the growth of the biotechnology industry. The median salary for a medical scientists is $76,980 annually.

5. Physician’s Assistant

The median salary for a physician assistant is $90,930 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is expected to increase by 38% by 2022. A physician assistant program usually consists of two years of full-time studies. Most of these programs are at medical schools, four-year colleges, or academic health centers. Physicians and medical institutions are projected to employ additional physician assistants to provide patient care along with assisting in surgical procedures.

6. Biochemists and Biophysicists

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report an expected growth rate of 19% by 2022. Median salary for a biochemist is $81,480 annually. For independent research, a PhD is usually required. A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree may be sufficient in some occupations of product development, inspection, applied research, and management. The profession of biological sciences has rapidly grown over the last few years, which is largely due to the biotechnology industry.

7. Athletics Trainer

The median salary for an athletics trainer is $42,690 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth rate of about 19% within the next few years. A bachelor’s degree is normally required for all athletic trainer jobs. Some states also require an athletic trainer to be registered or licensed. Employment prospects are good in high schools and the healthcare industry.

8. Dental Hygienist

The median salary for a dental hygienist is $70,210 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth rate of 33% within the next few years. Dental hygienist are required to obtain a state license, and a degree is usually required from a dental hygiene school. This field will continue to grow as the older population grows. As the older population is now retaining more of their teeth, emphasis is now focused on preventive dental methods.

9. Veterinary Technologists and Assistant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual salary for a veterinary technologist and assistant is $30,290 per year. The projected growth rate is 30% within the next few years. Most veterinary technicians have an associates degree. These degrees are normally acquired from an educational program that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. All states require certification upon completion of the program.

10. Dental Assistant

The median annual salary for dental assistant is $34,500 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate an annual growth rate of 25% within the next few years. Many states do not have any formal educational requirement for this profession. However, many dentists prefer to hire an assistant who has completed a dental assistant program.

11. Computer Applications Software Engineers

The median annual salary for a computer application software engineer is $85,030. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predict an annual growth rate of 22% within the next few years. Individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in a computer related feel and have some practical experience are the most likely candidates. The demand for computer application engineers will continue to grow as computer networking grows.

12. Physical Therapist Assistant

The median annual salary for a physical therapist assistant is $39,430 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate a growth rate of about 41% within the next few years. Physical therapist assistants are required to complete a two-year program, combining academic studies along with clinical hands on experience. After completion of the the physical therapist program, graduates must establish accreditation with the American Physical Therapy Association. Job opportunities should increase in skilled nursing, orthopedic, and acute hospital settings.

13. Veterinarians

The median annual salary for a veterinarian is $84,460 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate job growth at 12% within the next few years. Veterinarians are required to complete a four year post-graduate program and receive a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine. Admission to a veterinary school can be very competitive. Prior to practicing, all veterinarians are required to obtain a state license. The job outlook appears to be good due to pet owners requesting nontraditional services, like dental care. Advancements in this field now offers medical services that were traditionally reserved for humans, such as blood transfusions, cancer treatment, and hip replacement.

14. Self Enrichment Education Teachers

The annual median salary for this position is $40,680. These teachers instruct courses that are not normally part of an occupational objective or degree seeking program. The training and educational requirements vary depending upon the desired skill.

15. Compliance Officers

The median annual salary of a compliance officer is $64,340. Educational requirement varies depending upon the skill required (ie. claims officer or loan officer). The purpose of this position is to evaluate, investigate, or examine conformity with existing regulations or laws. Projected job growth is about 20%.

16. Environmental Engineers

The median annual salary for an environmental engineer is $80,890 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate a projected job growth of 15% within the next few years. For all entry-level engineering positions, a bachelors degree in engineering is usually required. College graduates who have a bachelors in one of the natural sciences or mathematics may meet the qualifications for some positions. The increased job growth in this field is largely due to an overwhelming emphasis to prevent various environmental problems.

17. Physical Therapists

The median annual salary for a physical therapists is $79,860. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a job outlook of 36%, which is extremely high. This profession is in great demand and will continue to be in great demand for years to come. A graduate degree along with state licensing is required to hold this position. Physical therapy restriction changes regarding reimbursement allows patients to access services that were traditionally unreimbursed.

18. Personal Finance Advisor

Median salary for a personal finance adviser is $67,520. The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates job growth at 27% within the next few years. To work as a financial adviser, an individual must have a bachelor’s degree. This field requires frequent training to remain abreast of changes taking place within the industry. The millions of baby boomers expected to retire are major contributors to the growth of this field.

These jobs highlights some of the best job opportunities that exist in 2015, each offering a substantial amount of security along with the flexibility to establish employment regardless of an individual’s geographic location. Most individuals within these professions find their jobs exciting and financially rewarding in comparison to other industries. Although most of the jobs require some level of formal education, many of these job holders do not regret the financial investment that was made to better their lives.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics