Business Ideas for 2015

In 2015, business opportunities abound. With the continued growth of the internet, the economy is in a constant state of shift, and new ideas are always being capitalized on by entrepreneurs. Below you’ll find a fresh list of business ideas for you to start in 2015. Many are online, some are offline, some are “lifestyle” businesses and others are scalable. Regardless, this list should at the least get some ideas flowing for what kind of business you want to start this year.

But of course remember that in the end, what matters the most is your execution. Whether you choose one of these ideas or do something else entirely, what will determine your success in the world of entrepreneurship is the action you take the problems you solve. Good luck!

Online Store

Do you have something you want to sell? You can sell the items online to give people the ability to buy 24/7 and around the world. New software makes it easy to set up the store. It’s possible to sell everything from cupcakes to marijuana vaporizers to clothes online, so you can sell something that is important to you. You can sell as much as you want based upon your ability to package things to go a long distance and ship internationally. The larger your market is, the easier it is to increase the overall revenue of your online store.

Personal Training

Personal training and nutrition has become popular and people don’t always have time to meet with a personal trainer or go into a gym. Personal training can be done online with Facebook groups, Skype to be able to show particular moves, and various other forms of technology. More clients at a reduced rate can result in the same income as doing it offline. You can create groups at a time where you offer meal plans, exercise plans, and much more to coach people into a healthier lifestyle.

Life Coach

If you want to help other people get their life together, you can become a life coach – and set your business up online. You can work on referrals from social media, so there is no need to try and get clients that are local. You can send emails and set up video networking calls to communicate. Best of all, you can take online courses to help you become a better life coach.

Individual/Couples Counseling

More therapists are beginning to offer Skype sessions with their clients. This allows you to set up a call with a client when they are having a crisis without having to run into the office. You may be able to obtain more clients this way simply because it is more convenient than other methods.

Affiliate Marketing

business ideas for 2015Affiliate marketing is an area of the Internet where a lot of people are making money. The affiliate ads are placed on your site and as people click on them to go to other sites, you make money. The hard part is getting a sizable volume of traffic to visit but it can be done. Once you establish a niche, you can have money coming in regularly. The Amazon Associates program is one of the most popular affiliate programs.

Psychic Readings

Many people don’t want to call 1-900 numbers to reach psychics anymore. Whether you have the gift of psychic vision or you can read tarot cards or palms, you can set up an online business where you can communicate with people. You can charge a certain amount for each reading and communicate via text chat or video conference.

Arts & Crafts Seller

If you love to make arts and crafts, you don’t have to wait until the next craft show to be able to sell all of your crafts. You can make your life’s work an online business through Etsy, eBay, or any of the other websites. This allows you to create the things you love and sell them to people all over the world.

eBay Trading Assistant

There are lots of people who make a living selling items on eBay and you may be able to become their trading assistant. You can be responsible for writing the product descriptions and even answering questions that come in. The products are with them, so you don’t have to worry about collecting money or shipping the items.


When you know a lot about Internet marketing, you can operate a marketing business for other businesses. By establishing a B2B service, you can help businesses across the globe on such concepts as SEO, paid searches, social media marketing and more. There is no need to have a local office because people can email you with their marketing needs and you can do all of the work online.


If you are able to write well, you may be able to create an online business where you write for other people. Businesses are constantly in need of writers to create web content, blogs, press releases and even e-Books. The faster you can write, the more work you can get. Sometimes all it takes is a few big clients to provide you with all the work you need.

Become a Mentor

You can teach online due to all of the technology where you can be face to face with someone else. There are sites that allow you to set up a class or you can create your own website. It’s possible to teach anything from a foreign language to photography to how to play the guitar. The more you know how to teach, the more money you can make. There is no limit to the number of courses you can offer and it may be possible to spread the content into multiple courses so that you can attract beginner and intermediate levels of learners.

Virtual Assistant

If you have been a secretary or administrative assistant in the past, becoming a virtual assistant may be the perfect online business for you. This is where you work for a company or individual and perform an array of tasks that can include responding to texts, making updates on a website, writing press releases, answering phones and more. With VoIP technology, calls can be forwarded to you from anywhere in the world.

MLM Marketing

Otherwise known as multi-level marketing, allows you to take a product that is tried and true and push it. You can set up in-home parties with friends and family and even take it into some of the local businesses. As you get people to sign up under you and do the same thing, you make a percentage of their sales, thus allowing you to make more money as you get a down line.

Cosmetic Consultant

Plenty of people need help with their makeup. If people have always talked to you about how good your makeup is, it may be time to start showing others what you can do. You can be a consultant to help others do their makeup or even offer makeup application for special events.


If you are good with a camera, you may want to consider becoming a photographer. You can decide what you want to photograph – children, families, special events or even weddings. There are many ways for you to promote yourself and once you develop a great-looking portfolio, it will be what ultimately helps you book all of your gigs.

Public Speaker

If you have something important to say to the world and you are good with words, becoming a public speaker may be a great career opportunity. You can be the inspirational voice that helps to kick off conferences and conventions. Regardless of what your experience is, you can turn it into a way of sharing your insight with others. Once you get started speaking with a few different companies, word can travel in terms of your skills so that you can be called upon to do even more public events – and even travel across the country or globe while you talk to large groups of people.

Web Design Consultant

Every year since the dawn of the internet, thousands of companies need help building and maintaining their online presence. Because of the increasing importance of a website for businesses marketing efforts, there is very high demand for individuals with web design talent. If you have these skills, you’ve set yourself up for a very high paying consultancy business. If you want to learn web design, you can easily do so through either formal or informal education.

Interior Designer

If you know what looks good and you can create amazing interior designs, you may want to consider becoming an interior designer. You don’t have to have a degree and when you can show a portfolio so that people know what you are capable of, word about your abilities can spread through the community so that more people rely on you when they want to redecorate their home or office.

2015 may be the year where you say goodbye to your boring 9 to 5 job where someone else is calling the shots. Particularly if you have a long commute to the office every day, you may decide that working online is better so that you can work from anywhere. Think about the possibilities! With all of these ideas, there is sure to be one that works well for you. You are good at something, so figure out how to bring it online and then make a business out of it. With more websites coming online daily to help entrepreneurs offer their services, you don’t have to do all of the work on your own.

Service Business Ideas for 2015

Great ideas can become successful businesses in no time. As 2014 is already halfway through, 2015’s prospects in terms of businesses are already looking up for a service business. In order for a business, any business, to be successful, some things are most important – a good plan of action, initial investment, strategies, communication, top quality services and a sense of accountability. If your business inculcates these features, nothing is unachievable. Understandably, most service business ideas rely on the internet since it has become such a huge e-commerce force in the last decade. The following are some top service business ideas for 2015:

Mobile App Creation

This is the age of smartphones, and if there is one thing that is synonymous with every smartphone user, it is mobile apps. The app store is teeming with games, widgets, utility apps, funny apps and so many other kinds of apps. If the app is good, people download them and the success of ‘Flappy Bird’ is enough to convince anyone that a lot of money can be made from a successful app. First, find out what kind of app you want to make and when you make this decision, keep your educational background and personal interests in the picture. Shopping app, dating app, tarot reading app or financial app, there is a lot you can do.

Virtual Assistants

Many businesses are hiring virtual assistants because of the cost saving abilities they possess. Basically, these assistants work from their own home, so the company cuts back on travelling, space and other overhead costs. Also, they are qualified enough to handle most of the work. So, what is your educational background? Most companies look for virtual assistants in the field of human resource, staffing, marketing and secretarial fields. The companies don’t have to hire full time people and you can work from home.

Mobile Web Design

Web design is already a huge field that people are joining from all professions. However, because of the influence of mobile internet on the current world, mobile web design has emerged as a great opportunity for many people. Companies need sites that are mobile friendly because people surf the web on the go. For this, they need professionals who have experience in mobile design and can help them grow their customer base.

Freelance Writing

If your writing skills are good, you can become a freelance writer. Many websites hire writers for content writing. In fact, press releases, directories and social media websites also rely on these writers. The best thing about freelance writing is a flexible schedule, ability to work from home and doing something you love. If you enjoy writing, this will not seem like a job to you because you will be writing and researching about a lot of topics. Start by creating your own writing blog and brush up on SEO techniques. Then, you would only need a small and loyal client base to get ahead.

Online Store

If you are good at something, an online store can be just the place where you can sell it. You will have customers on a global scale, and things could be sold 24×7. Because of new software programs, the setting up of the store is pretty easy too. Always keep a note of your shipping constraints. Would you be willing to ship internationally? If yes, do you have a cost effective shipping plan? If no, then what areas would you cover? It is also important to have a good customer support system in place because your customers would be grateful for being helped out.


There is a huge demand for photographers out there but first, you need to hone your photography skills. Join a small workshop to fine tune the art of photography and then start building a quality portfolio. This is a field of patience but it is pretty rewarding. You also have to choose a field that you would like to join. Do you enjoy wildlife photography? Perhaps, subject photography is more your style. Weddings, websites and special events need good photographers and this could be a great idea.

Always work hard to build a client base by being communicative and genuine. Businesses with great integrity always fare better than sloppy ones.

Low Cost Business Ideas for 2015

2015 is almost upon us, and there’s no better time to begin earning some more income by starting your own business. Starting one can be an expensive undertaking, but luckily there are a ton of great ways to start earning money with a side business using the tools and expertise you’ve already got. Let’s take a look at some low cost business ideas that you can use in 2015:


Softball, volleyball, baseball, football, golfing, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, and all sorts of other sporting pursuits are taken up in droves each year as students start high school, college, or are just wanting some extra-curricular fun. If you’ve had any experience with sports in the past, coaching is a great way to earn some money while also placing some roots down in your local community.

Day Care

Around 4 million babies are born in the United States each year, and with fathers and mothers spending more and more time on the job, there are plenty of opportunities out there to start a home day care business. You can work in-house or on-call, and the good news is that most parents will already have bought the supplies their babies need; you’ll just need to offer a safe environment and possibly some snacks for hungry tummies!


Nobody really likes cleaning, but you can learn to love the extra money you can rake in by cleaning other people’s home. Most of the supplies you need are pretty cheap and you’ll likely already have most of them from cleaning your own house.

Bed and Breakfast

If you’ve got a spare guestroom taking up space in your home, opening up a bed and breakfast is a great way to have it start earning you some money.

Pet Care

There’s pet grooming, pet walking, and kenneling services. People are traveling quite a bit now-a-days and are always in need of a pet-sitter or kennel to watch over their favorite pooch while they’re away.

Wedding Planner

Over 2,000,000 couples get married each year and it’s one of the most expensive days that a family will see. There is no shortage of things to do to prepare for a wedding, and many families will elect to hire someone just to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Lesson Giving

If you’ve got a hobby you know then you’ve got a skill that can be taught. Whether you’re teaching guitar, cooking, crocheting, piano, gardening, cake-decorating, painting, or whatever else, there are plenty of people out there who will pay you to help them jump start their way into a fun hobby.

Elderly Care

There are over 40,000,000 seniors in the United States, and the number of them seems to just keep growing. Retirement homes can be very costly to a lot of families, so many of them are opting to go with daily care.


School can be tough for a lot of kids, but luckily you’ve already gotten through it. Help the next generation make it through high school or college while making some extra money on the side.

Tour Guide

If you live in a booming city with tons of attractions, there will be plenty of tourists coming in each year that’ll want to know the ins and outs of all the local hotspots.

Car Detailing

Everyone loves a fresh, clean car, but few people will go through the job thoroughly enough to make it look brand new. Offering deep cleaning services on automobiles is a great way to bring in the extra bucks, particularly in the summer time when people want to get out and cruise.

Basic Home Repair

If you’re a regular handy-man, then you’d be surprised at the amount of people out there who simply don’t know or don’t care to do basic home repair functions. These people generally don’t want to pay a professional plumber’s fee to stop up a leaky faucet, which is where you can come in and make a ton of money. It’s also a great way to keep your skills sharp for repairing things in your own home.

11 Business Ideas for Women in 2015

Ladies, are you looking for interesting business opportunities that would be viable ideas for implementing in 2015 and beyond? If so, you’re invited to check out this list of eleven business ideas for women in 2015. This list is focused primarily on affordable, service-oriented businesses that ordinary women with ordinary skills could easily start and succeed with.

1. Content Marketing Business

Content marketing is a hot trend. As the Internet expands in both popularity and size, the demand for fresh content is growing right along with it.

There are many different types of content on the Internet. “Content marketing” refers to content that specifically helps to market a company’s products or services. For example, if a cosmetics manufacturer posts a blog that’s filled with makeup tutorials and beauty tips, which are all designed to drive sales of their makeup collections, the blog posts could be considered “content marketing.”

2. Social Media Marketing Business

Social media strategies are becoming an increasingly important part of many companies’ business marketing plans — yet many businesses are clueless about how to utilize social media effectively. If you’re social media savvy, or you’re willing to develop your social media skills, there are many opportunities for you to help other businesses in this capacity.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost, high-opportunity business. Basically, an affiliate marketer acts as an online, freelance, commission-only salesperson. You drive sales to a merchant’s website and you get a commission on the sale. If you’re a good communicator, either through writing or video production, this could be a viable business for you — particularly if your skill set also includes sales ability.

4. Copywriting Business

Most businesses need sales copy in some form or another. If you’re adept at writing ads, web pages, brochures, flyers, postcards or sales letters, this is an opportunity you might want to pursue.

5. Search Engine Optimization Business

If you understand how to optimize websites so that they can be found in the search engine results pages, this could be a lucrative business opportunity for you. Every business with a website would be a potential customer.

6. CSA — Community Supported Agriculture

If you own enough arable land to grow fruit or vegetables, you could sell them directly to the public through your own CSA. CSA is an acronym for “Community Supported Agriculture,” and it’s a fantastic business opportunity for small farmers. This is particularly lucrative for small organic farmers who are environmentally conscious in their growing practices. Health-conscious people are willing to pay premium prices for organic fruits and vegetables, so selling produce to them directly can be rewarding.

7. Catering Business

In just about every area, there are people who get married, companies that host holiday parties, and people who need meals catered for a variety of different reasons. In urban areas, it could be interesting to start a niche catering business. In an area that’s already crowded with other caterers, you could distinguish your business from all the other existing catering businesses by specializing in serving vegan food, gluten-free meals, or ethnic cuisine.

8. Insurance Agent

Just about everyone needs insurance of some sort, so insurance agents have their pick of interesting offerings, locales and opportunities. You could offer car insurance, boat insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, disaster insurance, and other sorts of insurance.

9. Accounting Business

Accounting is a task that every business has to do. Some do it in-house, but it’s a task that many businesses need help with — and are willing to pay for. If you’re good with spreadsheets, math and tax software, this could be a worthwhile business opportunity for you.

10. Translation Business

In today’s global environment, it’s increasingly important for businesses to make global connections. If you have outstanding language skills and marketing savvy, a translation business could be right for you.

11. Software Training Business

Are you a whiz at Excel, Quickbooks, Photoshop, Illustrator or other useful software? You could get paid to teach others these marketable skills.

So there you have it: eleven viable business ideas for women in 2015. Best wishes for choosing a business that you will find interesting, challenging, engaging, and best of all, rewarding — both financially and in other ways as well.

Business Ideas for Teens in 2015

Teen unemployment continues to remain stubbornly high despite drops in the overall unemployment average nationwide. Many employers are becoming increasingly selective in their hiring practices, and this can be particularly discouraging for unskilled labor pools such as teenagers. A great way to combat selective hiring practices, is to become independent of them by starting your own business. There are several traditional and non-traditional business models that are teen friendly, requiring minimal start-up costs. Some diligence, time, effort, and networking can parlay any of these ideas into a success


This is traditionally a teenage girl role, but nonetheless one that can be quite lucrative with proper attention. Gone are the days of five dollars an hour babysitting jobs. Reliable and qualified babysitters and nannies can demand and bring ten to fifteen dollars per hour. Start small by using your natural market such as church or other groups, and expand from there. Expanding a fledgling business is easier than ever. With the advent of websites such as or, reaching a wide audience is only a few clicks away. If your teen has an entrepreneurial flair, they may enlist the help of their friends, and expand into a large pool of potential babysitters. The hardworking teen can generate as much or as little income as they desire, and that income will be directly related to the amount of time and effort they are willing to invest in their business.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Despite a down trodden economy, pet owners continue to spend billions of dollars each year on their furry little friends. Many pet lovers consider their four legged companions to be part of the family, and family members must be properly cared for. Teens may find that friends and neighbors can provide a great customer base, and then they can expand locally by making contacts at local dog parks, the humane society, and businesses that provide veterinarian services. Reliability and the ability to be available with no notice are keys to doing well in this business. A firm understanding in pet behavior and breed traits will ensure the success of your jobs, as well as impress potential clients. Once a pet owner finds someone who they can count on that their pet loves, repeat business is a sure thing, and expansion from there becomes exponential. A teen of driving age is helpful, as it will make pet pickups and drop offs much easier when the teen is responsible for their own transportation.


Some self-directed learning in a programming language or two can quickly translate into a marketable skill, and a new business. App development has taken quite a few people from rags to riches over the last decade. All programming and marketing can be done from home, and there are many free resources available which makes start-up costs a non-issue. Teens who are inclined to advanced analytic thinking would do well in this type of business. Advanced planning before diving into a particular programming language or type of app is critical to the success of any programming business. If Apple developers are in high demand and low supply, focus on that niche in the programming world. Know your market and how to seize opportunities within it. Knowledge can be a valuable commodity, but only if other people see the value in buying it. There are a number of different websites such as that pair programmers with clients for a percentage of the job, and that can help build a customer base with expansion possibilities from there.

Freelance Writing

If your teen likes to write, encourage them to look into freelance writing websites. Due diligence is the key to success, as there are many websites available that either do not pay consistently, or even at all. Some research and referrals from other users can help weed out the good sites from the bad. Getting started is a quick and easy process. Often a simple application complete with writing test are all that are required in order to get started with freelance writing jobs. This job can be done from the comfort of your home, and only requires a computer and internet connection in order to get started.

Business Name Ideas for 2015

What’s in a name? When it comes to the success of a small business, it means everything. If you come up with the ‘right’ name it can make your business the talk of the town. On the other hand, the wrong name can push it into obscurity and literally cause it to fail. The name of your business should ideally convey your value, expertise, knowledge, and the uniqueness of your product or service you’re offering.

A few experts think that the best business names are somewhat abstract, a clean slate to create the perfect image. Others believe that business names should be more informative and straightforward in nature so that customers can immediately identify what your business is about, while still others think that coined names (fictitious words) are generally more memorable than names with real words. But, some think real words are forgettable. So, obviously there’s a mixed bag of expert opinions out there.

In reality, virtually any potential name can be equally effective if it’s supported by a good marketing strategy. Here are a few tips on what you should consider in order to name your small business something appropriate and highly effective.

Check Out the Competition First

Take a close look at your competitors. What sort of names do they have for their businesses? Write them down and make a list to spark your own creative ideas to develop a business name that’s memorable and stands out from the crowd.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Your business name should clearly resonate with the individuals you’re trying to reach. Use what you already know regarding your target audience in order to determine the relevancy of any names you are considering.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

While it’s best to have a memorable and easy name to pronounce, don’t make the mistake of dismissing the value of coming up with a name that’s totally unique. Not only will it stand out in the minds of your audience, but is also serves as a good opportunity for a back story if your name has a special meaning.

Look at it Objectively

How will your name relate to the everyday logistics of your business? How will it make other people feel and think? Be sure your name communicates a clear message and that you understand all the potential connotations that may impact how your particular business is perceived.

Don’t Box Yourself In

If you go with a name that directly identifies with what your business does, such as Jack’s Logo Design, you could be limiting the growth of your business. Many times choosing a name that’s a bit more general makes more sense since you can add other facets to your business as a whole. For example, instead of Jack’s Logo Design, Jack’s Graphics broadens the potential for a wider range of work.

Be Open to Advice

Once you think of a few good possibilities, don’t be afraid to bounce them off members of your family, friends, and colleagues to see what they think. Be open for any suggestions and listen, even if it sounds somewhat critical. In the end, it may help you from making a huge mistake.

Visual Your Brand

The name of your business is far more than just a name, it’s a huge part of your brand as well. Think about your domain name, your key marketing materials, and how your business name will translate into each facet of the new brand that you’re creating.

Short, Simple, and Memorable

Creating a short and simple name is best. More importantly, it must be memorable for it to stand out – essentially unique.

Use Creative Tools

In addition to a thesaurus, use some available creative tools to help inspire you such as RhymeZone, WriteExpress, or Dot-o-mator.

Sleep On It

Set your new list of names aside for a few days and then come back to it with a fresh viewpoint. After a day or two, you may feel differently about a certain name you originally liked, or didn’t like.

Use these ideas to come up with an outstanding name for your business in 2015. Keep in mind that ‘unique’ works. For example, consider the somewhat odd name – “Google”. But, how many companies are more successful than Google?

Unique Business Ideas for 2015

Tired of living by the clock? Looking to punch out permanently? It takes a certain amount of courage to give up the grind and start your own business, but if you plan carefully and fill a niche, you could be seeing a profit by mid-2015. Here are just a few unique ways to become your own boss in the new year.

Tablet Technology Specialist

According to research by the International Data Corporation (IDC), 48 percent of households will own a tablet by the end of 2014, and the sheer number of tablets shipped and sold will outstrip all laptops and desktop computers by 2015. The industry is ripe with new users but decidedly lacking in tech support, and this is where you can make your mark. By offering tablet-specific sales and repairs, you’ll keep up with a changing market and beat the competition to the punch.

YouTube Agent

It may be home to everything from yawning kittens to cooking guides, but the real money is in YouTube personalities. These home-made celebrities can earn up to $7 million a year through their videos, advertisements and endorsements, and if you position yourself on the ground floor with a rising star, you can enjoy a real piece of the pie. Make it your mission to research and analyze how these viral favorites become successful. Then repeat the formula with someone else who has star potential.

Debt Collecting

In a troubled economy, even the debtors are looking to outsource jobs. You can now accept “bad debt” lists from a wide number of collection agencies who will offer you a cut of the money if the loan gets repaid. Best of all, you can get started with nothing more than a phone, a script and a tolerance for people hanging up in your face.

Helmet Design

More and more cyclists are taking to the streets as eco-friendliness and green living reaches an all-time high, but these happy statistics are soured by the fact that helmet safety has come under severe scrutiny in recent years. Critics are saying that most modern helmets are only designed for minor scrapes and falls, not the kind of serious crashes that come from high-impact accidents in the middle of heavy traffic. The entrepreneur who steps in and designs a safe, affordable and effective helmet will become a very rich man indeed.

No-Touch Technology

Touchscreens used to be so cutting-edge that they seemed like something out of science fiction. That time has passed, however, and now zero-touch displays are all the rage. From the voice activation of Google Glass to the facial recognition of Uniqul’s customer checkout kiosks, the future is clearly in software that requires no handling whatsoever. If you’re talented and tech-savvy, it’s time to throw your weight behind the gadgets of the 21st century.

Web Design

As more businesses take to the web to market their brands, there’s a real demand for designers who know what they’re doing when it comes to layouts, logo creation and color psychology. You won’t even need any kind of degree or advertising accreditation to find work. If you can code, you can find a job. Start with blogs and local businesses and work your way up to professional, high-paying corporations.


The “No Child Left Behind” Act forced teachers and administrators to meet certain academic standards or risk the loss of their funding. The resulting panic saw a great leap in business for tutors, teaching assistants and other unofficial educators. No public school system can afford budget cuts, so the administrators are doing whatever is necessary to ensure the success of their students, even if that success comes from non-traditional means. If you’re any good with math, science or reading, now is the time to market your skills.

Senior Care Services

According to the U.S. Health Rankings Senior Report, the country is currently undergoing a “tremendous demographic shift” as the population continues to age. Baby Boomers are now 65 or older; an increasing number of the elderly are seeking personal care assistants (PCAs) for assisted living. For the person with the right kind of training, this is easily one of the fastest-growing niches in the healthcare market.

3D Printing

Once considered a frivolous indulgence, 3D printing underwent a massive re-branding in 2013 as businesses discovered just how useful and money-saving they could be. 3D printers can now be found in company suites and home offices worldwide, and the demand is only growing as word continues to spread. Don’t be afraid to tap into the market through either designing or investing in these futuristic but functional devices.

New Business Ideas for 2015

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong and that means that there will be a lot of people looking to start businesses in 2015. Thanks to changes in the business world and advances in technology, there are new business opportunities opening up on a regular basis. Find your niche and start generating income with your new and successful business in 2015.


The emphasis on preserving the environment and green living has never been stronger and 2015 promises to be a great year to start up a recycling business. You can specialize in metal recycling, or you can follow technology and start up a company that offers computer, television, and smartphone recycling services.

Business Consulting

The significant rise in small businesses has created a need for business experts. If you have the right background and experience, then you could start your own business consulting service and help new entrepreneurs to find success.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

There are several industries that have been developed thanks to the rise of the new entrepreneur, and the virtual administrative assistant is one of those fields. All you need is an Internet connection and a phone and you can market yourself to overworked small business owners as a freelance administrative assistant who can help entrepreneurs to run their businesses at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee.

Healthcare Data Consultant

The “baby boomers” are retiring and government regulation is becoming stricter for the healthcare industry. You can help healthcare companies to transfer their paper files to a digital format, which is required by new federal laws, and then help implement new data policies for your clients to assist in collecting data in the future.

Mobile Food Services

If you work in a city or other commercial area, then you may have noticed an increase in the number of mobile food service companies. There are communities around the country that are offering financial assistance to entrepreneurs looking to put food trucks out into the community. You could start with one food truck and then grow into an entire fleet that could corner the lunch market in your area.

Translation Services

The Internet has helped to make business more accessible for people all over the world, and it has also helped to bring customers and vendors together that are separated by thousands of miles. But there is a language gap that needs to be filled and there is a growing number of companies hiring translators to help make international commerce easier.

Vending Machines

Every few years it seems like owning a vending machine business is a bad idea. But the past few years have seen a marked increase in vending machine revenue that is hard to ignore. Movie rentals, health foods, and mobile phone accessories have become extremely popular sellers for vending machine owners and it is a business you will want to consider for 2015.


When technology started to really take off, the general feeling was that people would have more time to do the things they wanted to do. But the reality is that people spend more time working now than ever before. That leaves less time to fix the gutters, clean the windows, and clear out the garage. That is why there has been a growth in the number of handyman and contracting businesses in your area, and it is something you should look into for 2015.

Business Auditing

Business auditing services can include employee appraisals or energy audits for office locations. With profits getting tighter, companies are looking for as many ways as possible to save money. That is why there has been a strong demand for business auditing services that will continue to grow into 2015.

Corporate Events Planners

There is a great deal of competition in just about every industry in the corporate world and companies are always looking for ways to stand out. The need to separate from the competition has created a need for more talented corporate events planners. Many companies are even hiring corporate events planners to develop ways to draw more foot traffic to their trade show booths. It is a growing industry that you need to become a part of in 2015.

Mobile Computing Sales

The demand for mobile computing devices is growing rapidly, and manufacturers cannot keep up. That is why there has been a significant increase in the number of authorized dealers for the latest smartphones and tablets. If you are looking for a retail business that will start off strong and grow quickly, then get involved in mobile computing sales.

In 2015, there will be a significant number of business opportunities for entrepreneurs to choose from. The key is to find the business that appeals to you the most and get started right away.

Online Business Ideas for 2015

As 2015 gets closer, many entrepreneurs are considering different ways to generate incomes. The Internet has offered a variety of options for people to explore and there are plenty of online services that make starting your next online business a little easier. If you are looking for the perfect idea for your 2015 online business, then consider these options. The technology sector is growing rapidly and starting an online business in 2015 will allow you to be part of that growth.

Selling Online Content

The Internet continues to expand and a significant number of websites get added online every year. Online technology watchdog Netcraft estimates that there will be two billion websites active by 2015. All of those websites will need content, and that is where you come in.

There are plenty of resources online that will help you to understand what kind of online content websites need to attract traffic and generate an income. Learn from those resources and then hire writers to create the content these websites will need. The entire business can be run online and you will have billions of potential clients to choose from.

Online Retail Website

online business ideas for 2015It used to be that starting your own online retail website was a complicated process that required you to have expertise in several areas of finance and web development. But with the online tools that are now available, you can start your online store in 2015 and offer all of the secure services that your clients will be looking for.

You can find product by utilizing the online auction websites, or you can buy from wholesalers and sell online. You will have the option of choosing to do your own shipping, or having your drop-shipper do the shipping for you. It is a business that can all be managed online and from your home.

Online Business Training

In 2015, more businesses will start to turn to online training companies to get their employees the training they need instead of sending employees to brick and mortar training locations. With the video conferencing and interactive document tools that are available online, you can start a corporate training business that will make you money and save money for your corporate clients.

Freelance Work

Are you a website designer or graphic artist that is looking for the ideal business of your own? There has been a corporate trend towards hiring freelance professionals as opposed to investing in more staffing, and you can take advantage of that trend in 2015 by starting your own freelancing firm.

You can freelance out your services, or you can create a network of freelancers and offer their services to corporate clients. Tasks such as website management, accounting, payroll, collections, and human resources compliance can all be done online by freelance professionals. Offering those freelance services to the companies that need them can be your new, 2015 business.

Affiliate Marketing

As online commerce continues to grow, companies will need to expand their influence and reach more online consumers. Referral marketing is the process of becoming a representative of a company and then going out to find web traffic for that company. You could start a series of websites that get a significant amount of web traffic and then put banners for your clients up on those websites.

As more companies start to rely on the Internet for a significant portion of their income, and as the number of Internet-based companies grows, there is great opportunity in being able to refer clients to the companies that need them.

Mobile Application Development

The growth in Internet commerce and the significant rise in the number of mobile computing devices has created a strong demand for new mobile computing apps. Even if you cannot create apps, you can still create an app development business in 2015 that will make you a significant income.

You can outsource the actual app development to a professional organization and sell your services to companies that want apps to reach more mobile consumers. You would be responsible for marketing your business and maintaining client relationships. Your outsourced app development company will take care of the technical part of your business for you.

Online Tutoring

Are you an entrepreneur who has strong teaching skills? If so, then you will want to consider starting an online tutoring business in 2015. If you do not have any tutoring schools, then hire some independent contractor tutors and launch your business with confidence.

Children are doing homework and finding new information online. Parents of young children know that the best way to get their children to learn something new is to find it online. That is why online tutoring businesses are going to be extremely popular in 2015, and it is an industry that you should get involved with as soon as possible.

Medical Data Entry

The medical industry has been utilizing online billing services for years, but 2015 would be the ideal time to get involved with the medical data entry industry because of the new laws in effect right now. Medical organizations all over the country are moving their patient files and information to a digital format because of the new federal laws dealing with medical information confidentiality. In 2015, you will find success as a medical data entry expert who will help doctors and hospitals to put all of their scanned data into the proper database format.

The Internet has been steadily growing for many years. But in 2015, there will be a large number of opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of and develop their own online companies. If you follow the latest Internet trends, you will find a significant number of business needs in the wake of those trends. New age entrepreneurs need to keep a close eye on the needs of consumers and companies and then develop an online business that addresses those needs. In 2015, you could start an online business that could generate the kind of revenue you have always dreamed of.

Home Based Business Ideas for 2015

With a home-based business, you can enjoy a solid income from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, you can set your own hours and not worry about the next round of corporate layoffs. While true, it’s also stressful to start a company as you will face competition and a host of government regulations. However, with these five home-based business ideas, you can enjoy a decent income and find plenty of willing customers.

Social media consultant: Busy entrepreneurs can’t sit on their social media sites and monitor activity all day. Not only that, an entrepreneur probably does not know the best way to communicate with his or her followers. To provide a helping hand, you should consider a business as a social media consultant. With this choice, you can help people run their campaigns and find customers. To start, you will want to build your own website and Facebook presence. Then, you need to reach out to local business owners who you feel will benefit from your service. Once you find clients, you will need to build their pages and find followers for them. After this, you will want to post frequent updates and communicate with visitors. When doing so, you will build their online presence and build a name for yourself.

Teach English: If you speak English as a native language, you can probably sell your talents online or meet people at local coffee shops. Whether you went to a university or not, you can find people who will pay you top-dollar to practice English as it’s an important language to learn. To start, you should build a website and try to find people on Craigslist or at a local language school. Then, you can set your wages and watch as people from all over the world come to you to practice their language skills. If you want, you can also set up a Skype account and watch as your business explodes since people from Asia, Europe and South America will love to practice and learn English. If you aren’t a fan of marketing, teaching English is an excellent way to earn a living as you can enjoy plenty of repeat business if you offer top-notch services to your students.

Website creator: If you know how to program, you can create websites and command top-dollar for your services. Of course, it helps if you also know how to write content that Google and the leading search engines will value highly. To take this further, you will also want to learn how to use WordPress as plenty of business owners use this CMS to run their sites. To start, you will want to contact local contractors or entrepreneurs who need a new website. Then, for the first few customers, offer to create an inexpensive site and ask for their opinion. Once you prove yourself and find a few clients, you can create an online presence via social media and your own site. Over time, you will find repeat clients if you offer solid services and excellent customer service.

Child care: While it’s not an easy business to start, if you run an in-home child care business, you will probably find willing parents who will relish some alone time. To start, you will need to contact your local government and verify that it’s possible to do so. Sadly, in some areas, you will run afoul of local government regulations. If it’s possible to run an in-home daycare center, you will want to incorporate and hire a part-time employee who possesses a solid education and child care background. Then, contact residents and tell them that you can watch their children. If you offer fun games and an educational atmosphere for the children, you will watch as you find plenty of parents who want to use your services.

Smartphone repair: People routinely drop their smartphones and watch as their screen shatters. While it’s possible to use a smartphone with a broken screen, people often want to fix this aggravating problem. Since the manufacturers will charge plenty of money to fix a screen, you can swoop in and exploit this situation. To start a phone repair business, you will want to buy all the necessary supplies and tools. Then, with a newspaper advertisement or Craigslist posting, you can attract people who want to fix their phone. Once you fix a few dozen, you probably won’t need to rely on advertising as satisfied customers will surely provide excellent reviews to their friends and family members.

While it’s difficult at first to come with a home-based business plan, with these five ideas, you can find something you enjoy. Not only that, with these five ideas, you won’t need to invest your life savings and you can start almost immediately.

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